first day of the last class

sometimes ben does cute stuff... like brings home cupcakes from the new crumbs location that opened up near his office.

then my stomach is happy.

today is the first day of my last class.
i just have one class this semester. and then that whole thesis thing.
then it's alllll over in may.


i'm excited about my class because i know my professor rocks and is beyond brilliant. i like those things in a professor.

but it's mostly just strange to think this is my last
(no, a phd is not in the cards for me)

hmmm i think i love school
i love attending class

and learning

who i am kidding?
i will probably take university classes the rest
my life.

(just to see what the cool college kids are up to... of course)


Cassandra said...

oooh I loved school too...have always said if I could get paid to be a student, that would be the very best job.

p.s. those cupcakes look delish!

Cassandra said...

p.p.s. love the new header

Anonymous said...

LOL, I can relate - I only have a Bachelor's degree, but I still take classes. A lot of university classes. I'm a perpetual student I guess.

Now I must go find cupcakes....

Enjoy your day Emily!

Peggy said...

Who is the professor, cute ms. cupcake eyes.

sienna said...

you go girl! as they used to say in the nineties. but really, we can do it! i'm actually thesising as i type this (bo's napping). but still keep blogging so that i have something to do when i need to take research/writing breaks, ok? love you.

kELLO! said...

THOSE! lookgood.