friends. utah friends. the best kind. (and a short video)

randy, kevin, jeffy, ben and scotty
ben wanted to make sure his "baby" was in the photo too (the helicopter)
(ben, me, lindsay, baby donovan and randy)
randy, donovan, ben, garret
baby donovan kept leaning back and hugging me.
oh i love him.
bybes (emily), me, donovan, lindsay

winterwonderland (utah) from emily blythe on Vimeo.

vid music: red hot chili peppers, snow (hey oh)

due to the sudden crash of my computer over the utah vacation, i lost a few videos i took. i salvaged the rest of them and put them together.
the opening shot is of ben's new remote control helicopter that he LOVES (friend scotty in the background) and then the snowboarders at the end are:
hilary, me, then ben.


shayna said...

You're like really pretty.

Megan Marie said...

you guys are pretty much the coolest couple ever. you have so many fine adventures. :) i really love that you share them.

Nicole Marie said...

love all the snow!!

C said...

Cute guys and beautiful women. I'm glad you were able to hang out together while you were out west.

communikate. said...

woah. that driving in the snow clip gives me anxiety big time. i would've been a NERVOUS wreck! the snowboarding part looks fun though!

Shevaun said...

You ladies are so beautiful. Sad we missed the fun friend gathering! Just found out that I can fly for free on mac flights, so there maybe a visit in the future :)

sienna said...

so jealous too. at least shevaun and i got to hang out. you guys do look beautiful. i love the helicopter. my brother got the same one or a really similar one and was playing with it all week.

Linds said...

that vid is rockin

i am glad that van is getting used to the idea that when friends are in town you playplayplay.

when is our next date?

Receli said...

I love your pics!

Anna said...

you are making me want to go to Utah!!!