i love visitors (brother brandon comes to visit)

me and brandonus
lobster enchiladas

ben and i were lucky enough to have my brother brandon come stay with us this weekend.

i swear i was doing the ugly-belly-laugh all weekend. because i was just laughing so much.

brandon arrived around noon on friday and we just ate and played constantly from then until he left sunday morning.

to eat:
a great italian place, acqua al 2, very legit and delicious
a latin american mixture of fun, ceiba (where i got the lobster enchiladas)
and the one and only, zaytinya, where we love to go (greek/turkish/lebanese goodness)
i also made some grapefruit sorbet (with the gelato maker), it was perfect.
washington, dc is just full of wonderful eateries

for play:
a visit to nordstrom rack and wonderful factory stores (brandon shares our love for nordstrom rack...)
xbox playing...
movie going
attempting to go bowling...
attempting to go bowling again...
the elvis at 21 exhibit at the national portrait gallery. very lovely photographs.
attempting to attend a hockey game
ipad playing

i realized. it's all about being together.
we really enjoyed ourselves.

thanks again for the fun, brandon.


laden backpack said...

yum yum delicious. anything with lobster including a beach in mexico has got to be delicious. nice post

shayna said...

I wish I had been there. I would have gone early and put in a special reservation at the bowling alley so we could have gotten in.

Caroline said...

Those look delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Bear said...

I need to live in a cooler place...then maybe people would visit me more often!
Later this year we will be MUCH closer to you! Then we will be your visitors. :)

Peggy said...

cute brother. You look really happy. Shayna should have been there. She knows how to get your connected with the bowling ball.