one of my favorite at home date nights

homemade pizza and root beer.
and a movie. on dvd.

well we buy the pizza dough for $1 at trader joe's... but it's delicious and whole wheat. nothing like chicken apple sausage and lots and lots of delicious cheese.

thanks ben for the simple, lovely dates that don't have to be anything fancy to be my favorite thing in the world.

i love being at home in our cozy apartment. especially with you.


laden backpack said...

LOOKS yummy. I will bet the root
beer was to die for. Love that tasty
root beer. what was the movie?

shayna said...


kELLO! said...

date night! date night pizza is the way to my heart.

Cassandra said...


Shokoofeh said...

oh wow yum!

Caroline said...

The perfect combination!!!!!

communikate. said...

i love your tag "i am a homebody."
me too dear. me too.

tj's dough is the best!

Brittany said...

that looks divine. i need a trader joe's.

and i'm such a homebody too. i love being cozy.

Bridget said...

virgils root beer is DELISH. and you didn't like january jones' dress??! i have the same one!

jk, jk.

Peggy said...

What is micro brewed. Is that done by the little tiny kebbler elves. But where is the shot of couple on their date eating the pizza.