restaurant week: dc foodies' favorite time of year

i love dc restaurant week, obviously.

i realize now i didn't get great shots of food, but at least i captured the pistachio saffron ice cream at the indian restaurant, rasika. at first the ice cream was strange but then with a couple more bites and a little strawberry, it was amazing.

restaurant week is when a lot of great restaurants have a prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner for three courses... so it's great to take advantage of the more pricey places.

favorite appetizer (for emily and ben):
crispy spinach at rasika. the spinach was fried but not like you'd think. it was light and the perfect amount of crunch. and it had this amazing chutney yogurt mixed in.

favorite entree:
tikka masala (for emily) at rasika. it was just creamy and the right amount of spicey for me. and i liked that on the menu, it said it was the national dish of england because it's good to be honest that tikka masala isn't native indian. ha.

duck con fit (for ben) at cafe atlantico. it was sugar encrusted or something. it rocked.

favorite dessert:
gulab jamun with cardamom ice cream (for emily) at rasika... ok, so i liked rasika. the gulab jamun is a sort of tiny cake that is soaked in honey and yummies

key lime pie (for ben) at black salt. self explanatory deliciousness.

blah blah blah

we love

i feel like... one must eat in order to get through life... so why not eat well?


laden backpack said...

I like the ice cream stuff, whatever it is. nice colors. it will be hard to the you gourmet kids...

laden backpack said...

what I meant to say was, it will be hard to feed you gourmet kids after all of the exotic dishes that have passed your lips in the big cities of the world. SGU is small potatoes.

AbbieBabble said...

Oh dear me, that spinach sounds amazing.

shayna said...

Um, you must be eating the right foods, because your hair is so super long.

communikate. said...

What?! That's the coolest event EVER. I need to find out if Portland offers something like this!

Peggy said...

That pistachio saffron ice cream looks super fun. I read about how pistachio is for royalty somewhere in the middle east and one kingness fed his chickens pistachios for 6-8 weeks before serving them to guests so the chicken tasted fabulous. Just one of your beyond Julia Child cooking tips.

Randy said...

sugar encrusted. soaked in honey. i don't see how you can go wrong.

i've been itching to try a new place in logan. but i've been too comfortable in my routine. thanks for your inspiring post.