salt lake city, temple square

nieces annie and jane kept cracking me up, since they were so bundled up and looked like marshmallows. (and of course jane's hand socks.)
salt lake city lds temple
i love lights with snow on them...
this tree was my favorite. so bright.
a nice view of temple square from up high.

ben and i were lucky enough to see the lights on temple square this year. when we went to see the lights at the d.c. temple, i think we were expecting the salt lake lights and were a little sad.
but we got the best of both worlds.

we haven't seen the temple square lights for a few years now.
so we jumped on the opportunity when sister kristen and family said they were going.

i love you, cute little city of salt lake.


shayna said...

Every time those lights are exciting to me. Every single time.

Miss Bear said...

We missed the lights this year. :-( But your pictures were lovely, so I felt like I was there!
Happy New Year!

communikate. said...

I love temple square at Christmas time! I haven't been in a few years, and miss it.

Peggy said...

I love the photo of you and Ben in front of the blazing red tree. And of course, I'm very partial to the marshmellow melt in my heart little girls with socks on the hands. [A step up from shoes on the hands]

Linds said...

i'm also partial to the little girl marshmallows. pink nose and rosy cheeks are my favorite.