over the weekend i donated two big bags of clothes and a few other household things to dc goodwill.
i like that feeling. i let the items sit in the house for a few weeks before i donated them (or had ben donate them, rather). just to be sure i wanted to purge all those things.

for a while now i've been trying to instill in myself the concept of NEED over WANT. and trying my best not to buy things just because they are on sale. quite a few bloggers have talked about this, but i especially like how elaine puts it.

sometimes i get frustrated about how many things i have. why do i have all these things?

and then ben and i were talking about how we don't need any more clothes or any more things... like ever. ha.

then there is the souvenir dilemma. we travel. so what to do? yes... so it depends in such a case.
that's what i LOVE about photographs. they are my souvenirs. and the blog is my book of memories.

i hope to do another purge once i am all done with school. then i hope i won't have to do it again... because hopefully i can simplify and stick to my goals. hold me to it.


Brittany said...

i love this, and totally agree! just last night, i was picking up my room and stuffing clothes into my closet that don't fit. i need a serious purge.

i almost love moving out every single year (even thought it's such a hassle), because it forces me to go through my stuff!

shayna said...

I agree with Brittany, moving a lot keeps things simple. Stuff feels like a burden. GO Emily, I'm so proud of you.

kELLO! said...

do i see that tye-dye shirt in that bag?! when i think of you in my head, i think of that shirt! :) haha

i purge often- i've got 3 younger cousins in their teens that can share clothes with me.. so my closet seems to get slimmer and slimmer sometimes :) ha

but yeah... i'm still guilty of buying things that i want and convincing myself that i NEED them.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I'm working on simplifying too-- it seems to be just a maintenance process after my big purge. Asking myself... do I want this in my house? Is it beautiful? Is it useful? Will I wear this?

communikate. said...

Just move three times in one year. You're life will be extremely simplified! ;)

Courtney said...

I have the 'buying because they are on sale' sickness too!

Anonymous said...

We're sort of on the same wavelength today Emily. I totally relate to what you're saying. Plus, all of my extra "clutter" as I call it makes me anxious. Good for you for simplifying!
I like what you said about the photos being souvenirs. That's a perfect way to see them. Have a great Monday!

Peggy said...

makes me want to rummage through the bags. I love putting things together with the old and making a new look. The closet is the hardest thing to go through.

Christina said...

that's fantastic!! I so massively need to purge before this baby gets here!! Way too much CRAP!! just stuff!

Cassandra said...

love this goal.

been doing a bit of cleaning out myself. got a little more to do.

feels good to let gooooo....

whimsy said...

one of my fav things to do. i am always doing this. it feels so good. maybe we should trade?
oh and ps i am your newest follower

Beth said...

I did the same thing this past weekend. Over 100 clothing items plus some household junk. Nobody could possibly need this much stuff! So excessive!