starting the new year off right [?]

i was super excited to start the new year off right.

i got my hair cut at shep studio, which is still my favorite place in the united states to get my hair cut. the price is fantastic and the results never fail. i am the type of lady who only gets her hair cut twice a year... so i have to make it count. if you are ever near provo, utah and need a rockin' haircut, see shep or patrick or pretty much anyone at shep studio (i see patrick).
the haircut on new years eve went very well

then ben and i got our first legit massages that same day. it was so nice and relaxing for our aching snowboarding muscles.

i had some congestion that day... and so i guess from being face first for so long caused the congestion to settle in my eyes and lip. so my eyes and top lip were totally swollen for the next 18 hours. it was awesome, going to dinner on new years eve, with ben's family, with my freshly cut hair strewn across my excessively puffy face. i rocked the emo look.

during dinner, i got a call from the salt lake city apple store stating they had replaced my ailing hard drive but had not recovered any data from the crashed one.
yes, i back up my work but i haven't in a few weeks.

to ease the pain, apple gave me a portable external hard drive (for freeeee).

(but i am grateful for this blog--- because at least some of the photos from the last bit i still have since i have posted them here...)

i did feel happy when later, much of the ben family and i started a dance party in the kitchen at ben's parents house that went until midnight on new years day.
i LOVE a good dance party

we toasted to graduation, computers that don't crash, prosperity, healthy upcoming babies (not ours), et cetera

3:30am, new years day i had a small bout of food poisoning.

all was well again.

but now i am writing this post (jan 2) on the plane from slc to dc that was delayed 1.5 hours. i am pretty sure 8 out of 10 times ben and i fly these days, we are delayed.

but i am so happy to be home. now i have fewer excuses to put off my school work and possibly looking for a part time job... but there is something about being in your own home, in your own cute city that really

i love dc.
and happy new year.


goals to come.


shayna said...

But so much happened. I'm really out of the loop. I'm never leaving the US again.

communikate. said...

wow. so many ups and downs in this post!

happy new year lady! it's going to be a great year. i just know it!

wishful nals said...

oh no, food poisoning is sooo bad. i love the new blog layout! soooo cute. xo happy new year!

Brittany said...

i love this. your weekend was so eventful. happy 2011!

Linds said...

i wish we could've had a dance party. i'm in much need of a fox dance-shake-your-groove-thing.