thesisizing, senioritis and other recent thoughts

hi. i love dc for

giving me an amazing historical city experience
giving me a graduate education
having a zillion amazing restaurants
having a lot of free, incredible museums
giving me my first "real" job
allowing me to meet a lot of intelligent and marvelous people

the last little bit i've felt really sort of anxious and stressed about my final semester of school and life soon thereafter.
i like to plan. so the unknown can be rough for me.
i want my thesis to be perfect and super riveting.
i want to be a better wife, a better friend, a better listener.

i have a hard time focusing when i get so anxious.

anyone else out there have anxiety issues?
any tips...
for me?

photos are more diana minis i just developed...


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Just keep doing. And take a deep breath.

Beautiful pictures, my friend.

laden backpack said...

The photos are totally and completely stunning. I love the first one of you and the second one almost seems ethereal in nature. Real and in the same look,painted and not real. Wow, that is a bunch of amazing stuff. As to anxiety...lots of food helps to calm you down then you get anxiety over weight gain, exercise is great but running on a tread mill is endless boredom. A good walk, run or bike ride in the county with a terrifying close up and personal encounter with a skunk will certainly help to make current anxiety levels seem minor in comparison

Peggy said...

You can't beat L. Backpack's advice. His rumor should relieve anxiety.

shayna said...

I guess I usually just go to bed.

Anna said...

ha I am there with you. had my first thesis/future breakdown of the semester the last couple days. I am so afraid that I'm not going to get this done, that' I'm not going to find a job, blahblahblah. going for a hard run outside (even though it was 25* and i can't move my legs today) made me feel normal again. endorphins are good :) Being outside is good. Also yoga helps me, I started doing free yogadownload.com and davefarmar.com podcasts last spring and got hooked.

Randy said...

skunks? super scary! i usually take a nap like shayna. or walk the dog. i'll let you borrow prana if you need :)


communikate. said...

So, are you going to stick around DC when you are finished?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anxiety and I have had a long, painful relationship. Two things that have recently helped me: chamomille tea, and letting myself enjoy the little things, even for just a few minutes. It lets my brain slow down and helps relax my breathing so I can start again...

Have a wonderful week Emily!

Brittany said...

Oh girl, I feel you. Lots of anxiety over here. I'm so worried about my future; my plan changes every day. To be honest, I just pray a lot and fall asleep to food tv at night and try to find joy in the smallest things.

And lots of deep breathing and sunshine when you can get it.

And I love that photo of you! You are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i adore DC. such great culture + history.

for me, yoga always helps control my anxiety :)

xo Alison