the very happy audience
katie rose clarke and mandy gonzalez (current galinda and elfaba on broadway) found here

i guess our spontaneous trip to nyc was what it took to win the lottery at wicked, the broadway musical. actually, the birthday girl, celeste won the wicked lottery and then ben won the lottery to american idiot so the two couples did a swap of tickets.
ben and i at wicked
brandon and celeste at american idiot

my first time to wicked. and i am totally still on a high (still listening to the music all day)...

i know for some, musicals just aren't their thing,
but i love them.

and being in the first row and dead center... you really feel like you are a part of the stage.

i loved it, ok?

and we even talked to the conductor afterward. i could really get used to going to broadways...


Linds said...

randy is super jealous right now. he LOVES musicals.

american idol would've been fun too--i've always wanted to see j.lo--is her butt really as big as they say ;)

Receli said...

I am super jealous and when I tell Skyler he will be even more jealous! But it seems like you really lived it up!!

laden backpack said...

When I saw it in LA I instantly fell
in love the the glowing personality of
galinda and was riveted to that protrayal through the entire production. After the play I noticed, on the street outside of the theater a pretty plane jane woman who turned out to be the real life person who
portrayed Galinda, what a let down.
Loved the portrayal though, I still
get the chills when I hear the music.

Miss Bear said...

So fun!! Lucky to have such fabulous seats!! Maybe I can convince the hubs to see a musical one day....:)

kELLO! said...

so jeal. i read the book, now i really want to see!
that's awesome you were front row.
we'll most likely be in the balcony.. :) haha

we are trying to see les mis in february. hope it works out! :)

shayna said...

Finally. Miracles do still happen.

communikate. said...

first time?! that surprises me lady! i love it. (seen it twice /l.a. and london) and would easily see it again.

isn't the lottery the best? we scored tix to in the heights and it was the best!

Linds said...

lol. american idiot. i totally knew that :P

but i've still always wanted to see j.lo

Peggy said...

Our Galinda was the best. What a sparkling, dazzling Galinda she was and when she tossed her hair back, she was for real. Then she was in a play at Tuachan and I never would have thought it was the same girl. She is a real actress. I love Wicked, the play, not the for real.