i rocked my presentation

just sitting here on sunday night in my lisboa hotel room (tried to swindle the concierge for free internets, but i am only getting a discount. oh well. ha).

my presentation went well. i, of course, was really nervous. and it's gotten to the point where my nervousness bothers me, especially when i have prepared for something - something like this--- i have prepared for it for months.

so just go for it, i say.

so i did. and it was good. it was nice having ben there for support and nice to see some people came just to hear my paper. the feedback i got was of course a little critical but i think that is because blogging and
perhaps mommy blogging in general is just a heated topic.
why do mommies blog? why do people in general blog?

i blog because i love it. i have come to "know" so many great people. i blog because i am keeping a record of many things. mostly the positive and fun things in my life... but also sometimes the challenging things. but that is just life. fun. positive. challenging.


i'm so glad i had this opportunity to be a part of a real life conference. i learned so much.

p.s. i am scheduling posts to run throughout the week since i'll be sans internets -i think- the rest of our trip. have a lovely week y'all.


Sonja said...

Congratulations on a great presentation!!!!
I get so so nervous presenting or doing anything in front of large groups of people..so good job!!!!! haha seriously!
Have an amazing (rest of) trip! :o)

Anna said...

so glad to hear you rocked!! i think blogging/mommy blogging is an extremely interesting topic. I am already getting nervous to present my thesis at the national geography convention in Seattle this spring, even though I know it will be fun! eek.

Scott said...

Reading your post made my whole day!!! I'm glad to hear that you rocked the conference!

laden backpack said...

well, all I can say is bloggers rock and it certainly is better than regular email communication. If it helps mommies to blog and helps them to understand what they are doing as they contact other mommies then this has got to be a great thing. Creative thought for a paper and it sounds like a nice delivery. Go find yourself in Lisbon and enjoy, it is one of my most remembered places.

Randy said...

i knew you would-no doubt about it :)

Randy said...

and from randy. i mean lindsay :)

enjoy your trip-i can't wait to hear all about it!

shayna said...

Rock 'em, rack 'em, stack 'em, smack 'em.

Peggy said...

Hurray! I'm so happy that you felt good about the presentation. YOu are amazing. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I was mommying and didn't find time for the blogging part.

sienna said...

great job. i'm sure it's nice to have that over. i love all the portugal pics so far.

Brittany said...

congrats emily! seriously, i'm so impressed and i think you a such a rockstar. i love what a strong and smart woman you are.

can't wait to hear about spain and portugal. i'm dying to visit.