ice skating in the sculpture garden

the only shot we captured on the ice because i guess photos aren't allowed on the ice...
ben is much better at skating than me...
i was really happy because this is our third winter in dc and we finally made it out to the sculpture garden to ice skate.

the smithsonian has a great sculpture garden on the national mall: during the summer there is a big fountain in the middle of sculpture garden. and jazz in the evenings.
in the winter: an ice skating rink
not to mention a cute little cafe year round with some of the best hot chocolate i've had in a while (but it is better enjoyed in the winter)

and i usually don't mind that the smithsonian cafes are totally overpriced because the museums are free (although the ice skating rink is not, ha).

i'm so glad we finally made this ice skating date happen.

p.s. happy valentine's day


shayna said...

Oh finally. I was beginning to think this was never going to happen. But I should never doubt you.

Cassandra said...

I've always LOVED ice skating. It's been YEARS since I've been. I look forward to my littles getting big enough to go!

our little love nest said...

Oh how I miss ice skating. Those photos are beautiful and hot chocolate sounds like a perfect mix. xo

kELLO! said...

james is waay better than me. like he can skate backwards and stuff. i'm the one who has my arms out like i'm gonna take off like a plane and all wobbly.

can't take pictures on the ice? strange.

we were supposed to go ice skating this weekend- but then i had to work :\ there is a little place by the river that separates the cities. it's cute :)

Courtney said...

looks like a grand time!

Linds said...

i love dates. especially getting-out-of-the-house dates. congrats on being able to check it off the list.

happy valentines!