j-dawgs in p-town

i saw this video on this blog the other day. and i loved it. it even made me tear up a little... probably because i love the provo and i loved the years i spent there, living with my best girlfriends ever (foxes forever) and meeting my now husband.
and i also got a pretty darn good education. learned a whole lot.

i don't actually like to have hot dogs often. they are fun every once in a while. but these are good dawgs if you're going to choose a dawg.
and apparently j dawgs isn't just a shack anymore. weird. i feel old at that thought.

j dawgs always, always, always make me think of ben and i on one of our very first dates. we met for lunch one day in september or october 2005 just a week or two after our first, first date...
i got my first j dawg with ben and we sat on the grass by the shack
listened to wilco on ben's ipod and had tantalizing conversation and fun food.

i probably fell in love with ben that day (but then again, i am always falling in love with ben) because it just seemed so perfect we could get a silly, messy lunch together, sit on the grass and listen to music as we talked about anything that popped into our heads.

interesting what a little video will do to spark up a memory.

so yes, just a little byu-mormon-provo culture for you today.

j dawgs here. love it. love it for the memories.


shayna said...

I guess I need to go get a hot dog there with Eric on the grass. Love is in the air.

Em & Gar said...

cool video. The post made me all sentimental and nostalgic. Those BYU days are near and dear to my heart too. And I even have a little love for the shack, gar and I went here right before we got engaged, I think, or right after. And I watched him eat a Jdawg. Romantic no?

kELLO! said...

that paragraph how you met is SO SWEET!
seriously. you should write that out and frame it somewhere.
or write it on your blog so you'll have it forever :)

sigh. you guys.... we must meet someday.

ahlin said...

j dawgs... i love it. yeah it's kind of weird that is inside now too. but i think it's best to eat it outside on the grass :)

Brittany said...

My best friends and I were JUST talking about J-dawgs last night. And about how we don't even like hot dogs, but j-dawgs are a different species. That special sauce! That's so fun that you and Ben have history there! The shack is actually still outside the building (and was much better than the building, for the record).

sienna said...

i hate that place. (just kidding). only because i ride my bike past it every day on the way to school and it always smells so good, but i can never stop cause i'm always late for class and having to ride up the huge hill. so i'm always craving it!

your association with it is much better. maybe if we ever leave utah and provo and byu, i will think back on my bike rides to school with fondness and not frustration.

communikate. said...

cool vid.

looking back, i kind of wished i had a provo college experience. a few of my friends went to uvu/byu, so i'd drive up often to hang out at their apartments and meet cute boys. not the same as living there though.


Receli said...

It is so funny what you miss or what brings up memories and emotions. We are gonna move out of Provo. I think I know a lot of things that I will miss.. but I think some will surprise me!

Peggy said...

Mmmm, hot dogs. It all sounds so romantic--just in time for V Day

_kArLy[*] said...

hah that is so great! i'm at byu idaho so i get it ;) what fun blog! i love this! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! :]