lisboa, portugal (part 2 of 2)

lovers in the park
why yes, the peeps who built this bridge (25 de abril) in lisbon also built the golden gate bridge (in san francisco)
forgot where we were for a second...
a monument at the mouth of the ocean for all the "explorers" who set out from portugal
belém tower
belém is sort of like the big touristy spot in lisboa. and it's sort of obvious because... it's beautiful in this area.
we took the metro (which i loved by the way because it is 4 euros for an unlimited 24 hour pass. that is a good deal) and then the trolley car to belém... which was romantic in itself because i love the little trolley cars.

we walked around and saw the sights and then ate dinner on the water. well in a restaurant on the water. and it's just sort of funny because
we are either speaking english or spanish to the portuguese and they are speaking a mixture of all three and then sometimes ben is throwing in italian words and we are all confused.

it is too fun.

every time i come to europe i feel like i am in a dream. and i just want to live in that dream. but if i lived here would that dream be reality or would reality take that away? hmm. i wonder.

p.s. i might have spoken too soon about the portuguese food. better experiences in porto, portugal to come.


Cassandra said...

still enjoying this little trip through your eyes.

surreal and gorgeous :)

Peggy said...

Ditto, Cassandra. I have loved this trip to Portugal! I just sit and enjoy the scenery [and the people] can stay as long as I like, can leave the coat and umbrella in the closet and don't worry about getting cold or wet. If I don't like the food, I have no one to blame but myself.

What an interesting sculpture at the water's edge. Do you know the who done it and the story behind it?

communikate. said...

these photos make my heart ache for old buildings and europe!

enjoy the rest of your stay!

Stacey Sargent said...

Love these photographs so much. I've been to portugal and I loved it (minus the food). Your photographs are especially gorgeous though!

Adele said...

wow, mmm i think i might consider portugal for a vacation over easter now! gorgeous (: xo

kELLO! said...

yay about better food.
glad you are back! you felt farther away :(
i think you are one of my most favoritest naturally prettiest people ever. yes.

jenn said...

These photos make me want to leave work right now and travel! Great idea, I think!!

Linds said...

I love all of the stars.

That monument is phenomenal.

shayna said...

So, the picture with your and Ben's feet...don't be offended, but your feet kind of look like mannequin feet. But the most beautiful mannequin feet I've ever seen.