on the port: porto, portugal (part 1 of 2)

we like to take pictures of each other taking pictures
big, bigg, bigger, biggest
lovely waves at the lighthouse where porto meets the atlantic ocean
just another castle...
and another...
i love rental cars... and posing with portugal's most attractive person ... ronaldo.
i love random art.
porto at night
porto at day
while we were in portugal, ben was portugal's most attractive man.
a little bite to eat

porto is in the northern part of portugal, the second biggest city in the country.

and i thought it was a bit prettier than lisboa (lisbon is a little run down to be honest... and the food, well...).

porto is a great hilly city with a beautiful, clean metro, devoted soccer fans and lovely buildings.
it seemed pretty tourist friendly and easy to navigate.

a bit more on food:
food portions are HUGE in portugal. i really don't get it. at all. because i am american. americans generally serve ENORMOUS portions right? and in europe one can usually expect normalish to small portions.
not portugal --- huge.
so we learned our lesson and started sharing things. and ordering off the "snack" menu because those portions seemed more manageable.
we found a place called gran caffe just up the street from our hotel that totally saved us. we ate there three times. the servers totally thought we were crazy but it was good food and because we shared stuff, it wasn't that spendy! i actually loved it. loved it.


laden backpack said...

love the pics and the story about portions. Glad someone in Europe knows how to put on the "dog". England just brings enough so that you know there is something on the plate even if you have to see it with a magnifying glass. Liked the shots
of the waves crashing on the sea. Either waves or torpedoes exploding as they hit the shoreline. We all pray for our ship to come in and what
generally happens is it gets torpedoed just before shore. These
must be stray torpedoes that missed their targets. Assuming you are back

kELLO! said...

wow! i love the ocean and especially where there is lighthouses! that looks so cool!

and you posed with ronaldo?! i'm a jelly belly.

wicked cool trip.

jet lag getting better?

Rhianne said...

eee, I am loving your portugal photos, we were going to go this year but decided on paris instead but now I really really want to go there too! It looks like you are having an amazing time :)

Bridget said...

looks like soooo much fun.

ahlin said...

cristiano! i love him...

sienna said...

you guys are so cute!

Brittany said...

first, i love you and ben.

second, when i was in london, my friends and i almost hit up spain and portugal and i regret everyday (mainly right now) that we didn't.

third, a high school boyfriend was obsessed with ronaldo. obsessed. so i basically consider him my competition to this day.

Daniel said...

Ronaldo has nothing on Mr. Ben. Looks like you guys are having a great time; such classy globetrotters. Keep the photos coming. And come home soon!

Brooke Shoko said...

don't you love porto??? such a fun sort of hidden gem in western europe. went there by myself- so trust me on the food thing: i understand! glad that someone else is on the same lines. i was wondering to myself the whole trip, "is it just me or are these portions enormous?"

Peggy said...

I love all the castles...and the flying saucer [art]. Tell more about the food. What do they eat there. You must have gotten your interest in food from, well, me.

Jennifer said...

These photos are amazing. I've always wanted to see a castle up close and personal. Beautiful!!!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I love random art too. I want to go to Portugal (and a million other places). I'll have to ask you how you guys did it on a budget.

Linds said...

I'm looking forward to your other photographs of P.

Who doesn't love a menu of snacks? That sounds wonderful.

shayna said...

You're really pretty.