sintra, portugal (part 1 of 2) : the town and moorish castle

in the town of sintra
sintra palace
me on the bus and some more palace
nice windy staircase in the sintra palace
at the moorish castle
ben loooves castles... and he's really strong
amazing right?
the walls are so... mossy.
sintra below
view of pena palace (next up) from the moorish castle

sintra is just a short train ride from lisbon, portugal. sintra is definitely the place to find tourists in portugal. and it's gorgeous. all that we saw in sintra was better than we imagined it would be.

the moorish castle lines the top of a mountain and just is the perfect, quintessential "castle" when you think of a castle... you know what i mean?

save from being really windy, it was amazing. someone "forgot" their coat that day... and someone else who is really nice (ben) lent that forgetful person (me) their coat.
thanks ben.

this portugal place is super pretty.


shayna said...

I'm pretty sure I want to come to Sintra. I love me a good castle. And I shall bring my coat.

Peggy said...

I'll go with Shayna. They just don't build castles and palaces like they used to. It leaves you wanting Moor.

Courtney said...

looks pretty awesome to me!

communikate. said...

Jealous!! Looks beautiful!

jenn said...

Gorgeous! Makes me want to go to Portugal!

Alena said...

Such beautiful pictures. I really love the one where you can see the gorgeous view.

Edee H. Proctor said...

Love it. The more I look the more envious I become. ;) Glad you had a good trip.

Linds said...

I love the rich color in all of these photos. I'm so sick of white. And gray.

shayna said...

Why didn't you put your gum drop picture in this post? That picture is my most prized possession.