walking in the alley : taking a break

on wednesday it was like 50 degrees here! it was amazing. and beautiful. so i took a walk.

i need to take more walks. it helps with my anxiety.

and i need to take photos more often too. i like these.

i also like that the nice man in the alley, with the cute baby strapped to his chest was asking me about the instax mini. i always feel a little special when people ask me about the camera i am using or carrying around.
i feel so legit err something.

so. my advice to students everywhere: take breaks, take photos, take cat naps, eat snacks, get up and move around every hour (at least!).

it helps. it really does.

p.s. lately, almost every morning around 11:15 am, someone in the apartment next to me runs at full speed down the hall and then sort of trots back a few minutes later. i don't think it's a sort of work out because that would be really really short.
what do you think it is?


Peggy said...

this is sage advice, right on. I think the people next door are doing just what you suggest, taking a break and moving with speed to get the blood pumping and the organs jumping, then they can go back and study or veg out at the TV.

kELLO! said...

ah! i'm glad i'm not a student. i know you enjoy it sometimes and being smart and learning and all, but no way jose. i hope james gets rich and we move to africa and i never have to go back. *here's hoping*

YOU are cute.

abby said...

walks DO help with anxiety don't they? maybe that's why i'm anxious right now because if i walk outside for more than a minute i freeze to death. what's a girl to do?

_kArLy[*] said...

for real, this is such a cute blog! love it!

shayna said...

It's just a time that your neighbor is trying to break land speed records.

Erika said...

Ah, what lovely photographs - I do hope that you'll post more like them soon! :)

Little Miss Tiara said...

I do think I need to do what you're doing, take a walk, enjoy it... take pictures, good ones (like yours) and just ah.. enjoy time... :)

anyway, here I am coming back to the blogsphere, remember me, no? Hehe.. Missed you! *hugs*

Courtney said...

for a while the neighbors on one side of us would listen to techno music for 12-15 minutes every night in their car at 3am....that stopped.....then the other night we heard a car door slam, a house door open, a car reverse quickly out of the driveway and a man yell 'SARAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!'.

What was THAT about?