and then there was that time we laid in the sun in the canary islands

staying hydrated
sunglasses... swimsuits and my favorite european breakfast: corn flakes with european milk.
first time for both ben and emily on a black sand beach
tenerife, canary islands: beautiful desert isle.
very happy people.

when we got back from the canary islands... we really just wanted to keep our beach shirts in a plastic bag and smell them every once in a while (you know that sunscreen/beach smell?)

we wished we could have stayed longer. it was 75 degrees and very perfect. we stayed at the santa barbara golf resort, which was a very good price and was a full apartment. i kind of really loved it and would go back in a second. we got to cook all our meals and keep ice cream in the freezer!

perfect right?

i was fascinated by the canary islands because...
well for one... sometimes i get super excited to be in a place that i've only seen on a map... that isn't near anywhere i've been before. and then i'm there and it kind of blows my mind (that's my dazed and confused moment for the post)
the spanish people spoke was much more latin american than spain spanish (even though it's spain...)
there are tons of brits and germans that visit the canary islands but not a lot of spanish people. another weird thing.

did i mention the weather was perfect and there wasn't a cloud in the sky?
mr ben and i usually travel, we don't vacation... so when we do take a little time to vacation,

it's blissful.


Meg said...

these pictures are TOO sweet!

Courtney said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again.....I want to go to there.

communikate. said...

I totally know what you mean by travelling vs. vacationing.

Looks like a sweet place!

Peggy said...

I do love the photo of the Ben sunglass lens with Emily reflected. The white beach resort is gorgeous. I like the red seaweed and did you take the shot of you and Ben at the table? I don't think so.

Meg said...

Hi,your pics are very beautiful,I love travelling!
Follow me,if u like,on http://themissidea.blogspot.com/!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so adorable. x hivennn

kELLO! said...

your swimmy is cute!

i love it, "oh then there was that one time we laid in the sun in the canary islands.. no big deal"

i love travelers :)

sienna said...

i could use a warm beach right about now. i love you suit too.

Anna said...

Such gorgeous photos!! What a breathtaking place... I could really use some 75 degree sunshine days right now!

7upkels said...

It's almost unreal - those white buildings! (kind of random: but kind of reminded me of the stg temple. SO white!)

I totally know that feeling. When you go to a place for the first time and you're like holy smokes, this is it. Kind of a surreal thing.

Looks like so much fun and you both look great! :) Handsome couple!

Enjoy the warm weather for me!

Linds said...

Let's focus on what's the most important : the ice cream. What kind did you get :)

Anonymous said...

love the 2nd photo! so candid + cute!

xo Alison

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I so want to travel more