the big chair

the big chair in anacostia (a dc neighborhood) is really big. ha. it once was the biggest chair in the world (until another chair had to show it up in geneva).
someone actually lived on the big chair in dc for a period of time.

to tell the truth, i think ben and i were so caught up in finding the chair --- that we drove right passed it. does that ever happen to anyone else? you are so concerned about finding something that you go right by? kind of embarrassing.

regardless, i love outdoor art and i love dc and i loved the harlem-esque charm i felt while we were in anacostia. anacostia is considered to be a more dangerous neighborhood in dc but i kind of liked it (because i like to live dangerously?).

so i can check the big chair off my list now.
i finally sat down and made a list of dc things that i haven't done still that i need to do. it's been three years and there are still so many neighborhoods i want to see, restaurants i want to try, treats i want to eat.

dc is a really great city. it changes so drastically from block to block, neighborhood to neighborhood, quadrant to quadrant.
it's a wonderful place to discover.


DG-rad said...

hey - glad you checked it out! did you make it to any of Anacostia's art galleries? Honfleur has a really awesome show up right now.

shayna said...

Woah, that's a big ass chair.

kELLO! said...

wow- that's cool that you made a list for stuff for dc. i feel like my list for lafayette would be like, one thing. and i can't even think of something that we haven't done yet... ha. i should probably work on that! ;)

i love to live dangerously! i'm an adrenaline junkie fo sho. i secretly hope our bus gets hijacked on the way to Jordan. shh. don't tell james. he'll say i jinxed us.

Meg said...

no way! that is AMAZING! even more so that you were so focused on finding it you drove right past! adorable. :)