the birthday food tour of dc

lunch in the park (yes, the weather was really quite nice)
pitango gelato and brasserie beck.

my birth-day in chronological order:
(ben took the day off from work, which was really what i wanted for my birthday. thanks for giving me that, ben.)

woke up to the sound of rain. love the sound, but i was bummed it was raining.
slept in.
it wasn't raining anymore! the rest of the day was SO nice!
waffles for breakfast.
grocery shopping (also a favorite thing of mine. is that strange?)

went to get a lobster roll to share from red hook lobster pound. ben told them it was my birthday, they gave me one for free!!!
lunch in dupont circle.

back home to chillax again
ate the rest of the leftover lemon bars i made.

movie at 5:15. the adjustment bureau. i thought it was great. it's good to think through things, use one's agency, figure out things for oneself. i'm a big advocate of this.
we went crazy and got kid's size popcorn. also brought some other snacks for the movie

pitango gelato (dessert first, one of my favorite things). being the gelato snob i am, i continually feel impressed with their product.
quick stop at zara and h&m

late dinner at brasserie beck. it's a belgian restaurant we've been to before. they are famous for their mussels and fries, which are so super good. we just took our time, ate, laughed and enjoyed looking at the eclectic clientele b.b. brings in.

back home again.
when we were about to go to sleep, ben said,
"and tomorrow i am just going to eat cookies and milk for breakfast"
i said,
"that makes me feel sick just thinking about it"
ben said,
"it makes me feel sick too"
and then we just belly-laughed about it.

so basically, we ate the entire day. to me, it was perfect.


sienna said...

looks like a beautiful day! happy happy birthday!!! (yesterday! sorry, my whole life is a day behind.)

Anna said...

PITANGO GELATO AAA! there's one in B-more too, and I was/am obsessed when my Ben lived there. I miss it so much :(
Happy Birthday!

7upkels said...

1. I love your hair! SO, so pretty!
2. That's all I want to do on my birthday. Relax and eat Rocky Road ice cream. Glad you were able to do the same :)
3. Happy Birthday!!!!

communikate. said...

you look gorgeous birthday girl! food all day is the only way to properly celebrate a birthday!

glad to hear that movie was good. i've been wanting to see it, but not sure if i wanted to shell out cash for something crap.

Caroline said...

What a great way to spend your birthday!! Happy Belated lovely! xo!

shayna said...

My favorite part was the cookies and milk for breakfast. I can see the whole scene playing out. And by gosh, by golly, we are going to eat cookies and milk for breakfast next time we see each other.

Peggy said...

Oh what a beautiful birthday and you're just the perfect person to have perfect birthday. Thanks Ben. That was the perfect present.

Linds said...

I'm also glad you gave a good review of AB. I think you should add another aspect to your blog. Movie and food critic. I almost can't do anything without thinking of your opinion. It's paralyzing. :)

I'm glad your day finished with belly laughs. Those are the best.

The Proctor Group said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday. I'm glad you love eating just as much as I do. So glad you were born! Love you so much!

kELLO! said...

yay! birthday foods!
i just brought myself home some outback. ha.
h&m- excellent choice
glad you had an excellent birthday

Bridget said...

this sounds like a fabulous day.

Zonia Cruz said...

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