hey. i'm turning 25 today.

well. it's my birthday today. and i'm turning 25. i realize, relatively, 25 is not all that old...

but i also realize that just a few years ago i never envisioned being 25. it seemed so old.

now i am at a stage where i am almost finished with graduate school and i am faced with adult decisions and big changes and faced with the pressure of finding a job that can help support ben and i but also be something i can stand doing every. single. day.

i get freaked out by this reality. i just don't want to turn into that person who lives to work
we mostly work to live, until we live to work**
i think i get more and more retrospective and adultish with every coming birthday.

... but not to get all philosophical. borrrring.

i'm just glad i get to spend the whole day with ben in our lovely city of washington, d.c.
this is the first birthday o' mine that will be spent alone with ben in dc

last year we were in the dominican republic, year before family visited.

*photos of me on my first birthday. you can see my love of sugar and sugar hyperness came early
**quote by vampire weekend


Adele said...

aw happy birthday, darling! i think you are doing splendidly for a 25 year old (: it's a pretty big accomplishment to have both a happy marriage and to successfully complete grad school! And i totally know how you feel being a postgrad myself, and turning 25 this year as well (: have an amazing day! you deserve it xo

Rhianne said...

happy birthday emily :)

I second adeles comment and would also like to add that 25 is only one day different from 24 - I was freaking out about it too - but my Dad reminded me that one day difference isn't so bad.

Have a wonderful day x

laden backpack said...

Well, this is a little amazing that you are zinging through the years with such beauty and grace. Needless to sat, it has been a great ride watching this time move quickly by and see what you have done with all those days, weeks, months and years. Thoughts of the complexities of the future are always scary, even trying to figure out what to make for breakfast can be daunting on some days. My best wishes for a birthday
of birthdays. Let's see, hope Ben is
on the ball with 1 Cup of flour, 4 eggs etc. If I were there I could have helped. If you do something different that will be no problem because this in your birthday. Happy today and forever birthdays to sweet Emily.

Cassandra said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you, Miss Emily. Should we live closer, I would throw you a tea party so 25 didn't feel so old (and it's not, by the way...you know I've got several years on you ;)

I hope your day is as special as can be!!!

jenn said...

Happy 25th Birthday!! I wish I had accomplished as much as you have at 25.

shayna said...

Yeah, you're old and I'm ancient. Thanks for that. I hope you're having so much fun you can't stand it.

Love you more than 25 times more than yesterday.

communikate. said...

ah.. happy to the happiest of birthdays my dear!

Nicole Marie said...

happy happy birthday!!

Ro Ro Riot said...

Ah, I felt like it was the birthday of someone important today. And I was right. Happy Birthday!

Em & Gar said...

First. Happy birthday and I heart you. Lots. next, I love you what you said, about not envisioning being 25. I totally felt (feel) the same. You should call me and tell me about your birthday. So we can catch up and I can hear your sexy phone voice. Actually, no, let's skype. then we could dance party to each other. :) xo

miss lex: said...

oh happy happy birthday ms. emily! :) cute baby pics also!

Emily Anne said...

HAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY, lovely lady! I hope it's been super wonderful. As always, loving your adventures. And I can't belieeeve you're only 25. You're so accomplished! xo

Peggy said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. You're a quarter of a century old! Hold out for three more quarters and be a centurian. I'll bet you never envisioned that! What a happy baby and so filled with love. Love, love and lobster for your birthday.

ahlin said...

happy birthday! you've accomplished so much! i only hope to be half as cool as you when i'm twenty five.

Randy said...

love you more than sugar.

i had pizza and ice cream in celebration!

happy happy happy birthday!

i hope you and ben had a grand time today :)

and pran

kELLO! said...

YOU! happy day to!
i'm so glad you were born
and 25... IS OLD. ;)

Little Miss Tiara said...

yay! Happy birthday! Ha! More to happiness and sugar! :P

Wish you ALL the best! :D

The Proctor Group said...

Happy Birthday! You were such a cute baby and you are still such a cute babe. Miss you!