in my mind, i'm really good at sewing


it was my thing all last summer to say, in my mind, i'm really good at tennis.

now, in my mind, i'm really good at sewing.
the above dress was lovely to begin with, but it was always a hassle to make the neck area work for me.
i have finally convinced myself that i need to wear clothing that fits well and doesn't give me grief. period.

so i thought
i'd turn the dress into a skirt.

let's say it didn't go as swimmingly as it did in my mind, but let's also say, the new skirt has character. it still needs some very minor changes, but i like it. i wore it to church on sunday--- which was a good test run because i know it's easy to wear and walk in. both good things.

anyway. here's to more sewing adventures. i'll get better, i know it.
next sewing project: turning a skirt into a shirt. hmm. we'll see.

i used this skirt tutorial as a guide. it helped.


Cassandra said...

nice start!

good luck!

you're going to love repurposing :) it's my fave! (as you know.)

365daysofsewing said...

Way to go! It looks great.

sienna said...

i know what you mean-- i just got rid of a ton of clothes that are cute, but don't quite fit right. looks great though! i have a list of sewing projects to do after i finish grad school.

kELLO! said...

how cute are you! (very)

i have a sewing machine, but i've used it.. mm... twice. i'm scared of it. and i'm pretty sure it's broken, but nobody (james) will believe me to fix it. it just can't be me that keeps messing up, right?!

Peggy said...

Girls! We need a sewing retreat. Wouldn't that be fun.
So cute, Em. I am proud of you.

Megan Marie said...

I'm impressed! sewing has never been my strength. Go you! And I totally hear you on the "clothing that fits well" thing. I hate that I have to modify everything to make it work.

Receli said...

I love it!

Linds said...

This looks incredible. My goal for the summer is to get my dusty sewing machine out.

It looks like it would be the perfect twirling skirt.