it is international women's day 2011

march is women's history month- but by favorite day of this month (except for my birthday) is international women's day. today. march 8.

the above photo relates to my thesis and my passion for women farmers. and food.
essentially, i am writing that although they come from various cultures and backgrounds, women farmers in brazil, india and the united states, share a similar farming feminism. that is of course because most of these women farmers choose to farm organically (they boycott using pesticides and genetically modified seeds) and also try to keep their farming for subsistence use and/or small local profit.
the thesis will be long is obviously very multifaceted (i do plan to share it when it is finished and beautiful) but...
do think about where your food comes from and also consider the harm pesticides not only have on you when you eat produce that has been sprayed, but also the harm (and sometimes death) it brings to the farmers who must spray the crops (these tasks are usually left up to women and children).

if anything, be smart about your food choices and be a little better and spend a little more if you can to support local farmers who farm naturally and safely.
i am trying my best with the resources and options i have.

baby steps.

photo found here. great article too.


kELLO! said...

giirrrl. you gitcha some thesis!

this is a great reminder- thanks! and i can't wait to read it when it's all finished and beautiful :)

and a happy birthday month, to YOU! the 21st?

Jessica Lynn said...

ahhh I love that. I need a reminder every once in awhile to remember what I should be doing--because others are doing so much.

keep writing that thesis, I'm sure it is the funnest thing ever.

shayna said...

Hear me roar.

Peggy said...

Happy day for you and for me. We are women and we live in a land where we enjoy liberty--to some degree--for the time being. You are right, we all have to really work at it to keep it.

Brittany said...

I seriously want a pdf of your thesis when you are done! Sounds like an incredible project.

Linds said...

Loving the ladies. Love your bday et. Spring!

Fresh is best.