layovers in madrid... not such a bad thing

the travel planner /// the magnum lover (magnum gold is the best ice cream bar ever)
churros con chocolate for breakfast... i would live in spain if only for this breakfast
the many faces of deliriousness and jet lag
love the morning rituals of the cute madridians
on our way to portugal and our way back from the canary islands, we had layovers in madrid, spain.
we visited madrid in 2009... so what i'm saying is, it was nice to be lay'dover in a place we had already been.

when we landed in madrid and got off the metro at sol, i felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness-giddyness-excitement because i knew it meant i was back in europe!
and up until our last night in europe - in madrid (save for an unfortunate experience with a disappointing tapas bar) i kept telling ben we should live in spain someday. i mean, ben speaks fluent spanish and i speak ok spanish, we both like bull fights and soccer and tapas--- so it could happen right?

really i just love roaming a truly beautiful city with my truly amazing husband and partner-in-adventure,

here's to more and more and more adventures!

see more madrid photos here.


laden backpack said...

love madrid. looks like you were happy and having a good time. thanks for the pix

Peggy said...

Too bad we couldn't have made it to Madrid. My traveling companion was too busy. Bummer

Loved see your pictures. I could just taste the ice cream. Didn't they have those bars in London?

Cassandra said...

I would love to visit Spain...lucky duck!

Miss Bear said...

Oh I feel like I can't look at your blog anymore! I'm so envious of all your fabulous trips! :)
But I love you, so I can't resist a peek! :)

Bridget said...

i ate magnum bars like they were goin out of style in israel. those things are good.

LUCKILY we have haagen dazs bars.

maybe add these to our drive thru too?

Courtney said...

I love how in other countries (and cities for that matter) people still sit outside when it is chilly. You don't see a lot of that in Indianapolis. People hunker down inside when it gets chilly.

Anonymous said...

your adventures are so inspiring! love the photos.

xo Alison

shayna said...

I love magnums. I just really do.