legit italian: acqua al 2

last night we tried acqua al 2 near eastern market.
petite blossoms at eastern market
i went to acqua with my brother in january but ben and friend danny who we met up with, had not been.
i love being experienced among first timers.

here's why i think it's legit: their pastas and risottos aren't served with any meat; their meats are sold as a separate course. their menu is set up in the correct course order. this was what i was used to when i lived in italy--- so that made me happy.

i like being around people who know what they are doing with their italian cuisine :)

i also like being around good friends and good food. there are few things better to brighten up a rainy day!
well that and the cheery cherry blossoms.


kELLO! said...

this made me SO excited for next week! EEE!
fun foods :)

whimsy said...

oh my gosh! i can not believe your husband is ben! my bro and sister are both good friends with him! nikki and ian davis. and nikki just told me that you both were in our ward a whle back- the 74th ward? i was in it for a summer! how funny!
loves to you!

Linds said...

i also enjoy being experienced among first timers. wink.