a little "spring" break with sister shayna

the most amazing lunch at pepe rosso in soho. the penne vodka with pancetta is SO GOOD.
shayna and our lovely host-friend, mala
we caught a glimpse of the new swanky donut plant in chelsea- but we decided we're more comfortable with the one in the lower east sideone of many subway stops. we spent a small fortune on subway fare.

since sister shayna lives in vermont. and i live in washington, dc---
we decided to meet in the nyc because it's pretty much half way and it's pretty cool.
not to mention, mala lives there, a long time close friend of shayna's and one of the funner people we know.

so we just walked and walked, talked, dance partied, ate sugar cereal and pao de queijo (brazilian cheesy bread) at midnight, ate, sugar sugar donuts cookies, broadway, tacos on 10th avenue, took the wrong train- over the williamsburg bridge (slowest train ever), i slid down and slammed my body hard on the slipperyest stairs at levain bakery (the things i do for cookies), made friends with the donut man, serious talks about life and not getting caught up in the illusion of it all... et cetera

i feel like there were so many incredible/unforgettable things that we did and participated in.

shayna and i saw chicago on broadway- now, seven years later. my very first time to nyc was exactly seven years ago, with some of my family (shayna included) and we -shayna and i- made a pact then we'd see chicago on broadway together, someday.
and so we did and it was just so fun. roxy (the main character) was especially good.

it was just go go go... and then it ended with cookies in hand and a few tears when we split at the subway on 72nd and broadway. i always cry or feel like crying when my sister time is ending.


shayna said...

But now I feel like crying. Did we just see each other yesterday? But it feels like years ago.

Nicole Marie said...

such pretty pictures

sienna said...

such fun. makes me excited for our new york trip coming up. i'll have to email you our dates to see if you guys have time to visit.

Em & Gar said...

sounds very fun. and a bit painful. Anything to add to the lovely list?...:)

communikate. said...



jealous you have a fun sister to meet up with in new york, and jealous that new york is a meet up place for you.

sounds like a great weekend.

Ro Ro Riot said...

So did my adoption into your family ever go through...? Hee hee.

Peggy said...

sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters. I'm so happy you got together. What fun!

Adele said...

aw, i was never close to my sister (we are SO different and 4 years apart) but it's always nice to have family come visit! and penne vodka is SO good....i've made it a couple of times and it's fool-proof! try it sometime (: xo

kELLO! said...

i wish i had a sister i could meet in cool places :(

your photography is especially good in the first two pictures

jenn said...

How fun! My sister and I used to meet up in NYC when we both nannied on the East Coast. I hate when sister time ends also.