matching jackets

brother-in-law eric was here for a couple days, doing cool things for his master's program.

which meant that he and ben got to watch the byu basketball game last night. they were just so sad when it was over (and byu lost in overtime)

but it's ok, because we drowned our sorrows in milkshakes at good stuff and split a burger three ways.
all while eric and ben were wearing matching jackets. i love their matching jackets.


Lauren said...

thanks for the morocco tip! loved your tangier post - i believe thats where i will be stationed for most of the time. the food looks beyond amazing :)

Peggy said...

they really do look cute together, so brotherly. I like the composition too. Glad Eric could spend some time with y'all will S. is in the West.

shayna said...

Can you and me have a cool matching jacket club too?

7upkels said...

haha wasn't that the saddest thing ever? we were so close, i thought it might be a repeat of last year - but unfortunately, it was not. glad you had shakes to make you feel better :)

ps. have you ever seen the "teach me how to jimmer" video on youtube? haha watch it if you haven't! pretty funny, even though the season is over!

kELLO! said...

milkshakes sound so good right now.
i had byu to my final four- so i was sad, too :(

whimsy said...

ummmm is your husband ben magleby?!!!!

Linds said...

totally famous ben magleby :)

i enjoy patagonia and their earthly responsible gear. i especially like that book, i mean, thing i was reading about, forget i even mentioned it.