porto, portugal (part 2 of 2)

i am very proud of our inexpensive little travel breakfasts... we put our juice and chocolate milk out on the window sill to keep it cold.
and we got to eat spanish oranges the whole trip. mmmm.
the famous lello bookstore. it's supposed to be the most beautiful bookstore ever.
well at least lello is the most beautiful bookstore i've ever been to.
i love the palms with the "blue willow" type tiles. so picturesque.
we took a boat tour on the river
this fine place is for sale if you're interested.
there are at least six bridges in porto :)
it was quite nice in porto.

we took it easy, sat in the park and played 20 questions (which ben got tired of quickly because i kept choosing really difficult things to guess like escargot).
but at least the sun came out and blinded us a little.

and i learned a lot.

i know... blah, blah. i am always learning so much... but when i travel i feel like i learn more about myself and about living in general.
travel helps me learn and grow. like live on less. don't carry around things you don't need. make every step count. don't waste your taste buds on mediocre food. things like this.

so these things i've learned should probably be implemented into my everyday. yep.
working on it.


laden backpack said...

Nothing like a good travel breakfast (cheap and delicious) a good travel companion and some sunshine to make a soul happy for another day. From the sign on the cliff, it looks like the real estate market is hurting there too. nice post

Brittany said...

haha I'm always learning too. I even annoy myself with how much I am learning.

Of course, I love your photos and am completely jealous. That bookstore. That boooookstooore. I must get there one day.

And I love choosing the hardest items in 20 question. Frankenstein is my best so far.

Cassandra said...

still loving the photos.

that bookstore is absolutely the most gorgeous one I've ever "seen."

Peggy said...

Lovely Lello Libres, love it. And 20 questions with kids is my favorite. You chose their favorite color or object and it helps if they are wearing it or it is right before their eyes. They are so happy when they can guess it.
You and Ben are so adorable with the sun in your eyes.

communikate. said...

that bookstore! sigh.

communikate. said...

i love learning things while traveling. i always say that i'll learned FAR more in traveling two months than i EVER would have in the semester that i dropped out of so i could go!

Linds said...

That bookstore is incredible. I'm sure you could get lost in there pretty easy.

shayna said...

I think we should buy that place. If we put our monies together we can afford it, right?

Mariel Torres said...

portugal looks so perfect!