that's just a typical day for emily

wake up
make bowls of cereals for ben and i
ben leaves, i kiss him goodbye and lock the door behind him
do the dishes (am i always doing the dishes?)
blog and/or read blogs
get annoyed by all the gw/women's studies emails i get
delete, delete, delete
on days sistershayna works from home, i get to chat with her like all day long
open up my thesis word document
scroll through it
back to thesis
is it lunch time yet?
no, but it's snack time
snack time. usually something crunchy.
read more blogs
call ben "oh just wanted to say hi, we haven't talked in while" (in like 2 hours)
look at the thesis a little more
maybe type some notes or semi-comprehensible sentences
lunch time
pasta and a clementine
some water too
and a little "oc" on dvd to get my mind off my thesis.
but i always have to be doing something else while i watch tv
i need to get out. just throw a coat on over my pjs.
walk outside. stand in the alley and think for little while
come back inside after being gawked at by the neighbors.
oh no, it's panic time, have to get a few paragraphs in before ben gets home
ben gets home, i set the computer down and sigh, what a day, i think
hug ben
we talk. sit on the couch. cuddle on the couch. or just sit at the table like two adults
what do you want for dinner? i dunno whatdoyouwant?
dinner, something easy and healthy of course
a tv show. depends on what day it is.
monday: chuck (and maybe the bachelor), tuesday: glee, the good wife, wednesday: modern family, thursday: 30 rock
work a little more on my thesis or my personal development while ben watches something about sports or plays call of duty
i usually go to bed earlier than ben... and i will yell,
ben when are you coming to bed a few times while i am in bed before him.
how annoying is that?
i used to be a night person... but wow i get really tired... that is if i am at home, in my pajamas, all comfy cozy

let's be honest, i'm usually slightly more productive with my paper (thesis) but this week has been rough coming back from traveling. i always have a longer-than-i-expect recovery period.
is that normal?


Rhianne said...

I used to be a night person too but I'm always in bed before thomas too.

I love your tv schedule, we've been watching so much modern family and 30 rock lately.

kELLO! said...

haha sounds familiar!
except sometimes i go to work at 5.
and i don't have a silly thesis to write ;)

we haven't watched chuck. a must see? shall i netflix it? or maybe just hulu...

shayna said...

Oh I love the days that we can chat all day long. There's nothing about that that is typical, it's magical.

Caroline said...

You are the cutest!!! :)

communikate. said...

this is great! your evening is twins with our evenings too!

Peggy said...

Sorry, but you look bored. I love studying. In the evening after dinner, to study preparedness, how the world is taking shape or to study some little known illness---there is never enough time-- sitting there with twin computers next to my sweetheart.

stephanie said...

oh I love this! completely classic. and there is nothing wrong with standing in alleys in one's pjs!

Linds said...

We need to check out Chuck. That's all there is to it. I like watching Parenthood. And on Thursday Big Bang. Man, so much TV.

Randy plays CoD anytime he can squeeze it in. I came home from work yesterday and both boys were playing. Van was holding his own little controller-so funny!

Courtney said...

on my days home with Henry we usually snug-a-bug on the couch all day.....it's bliss!