things that keep me sane

right now until the middleofmay i am a full-time-graduate-student-stay-at-home-style.
technically i have a job but things have been a little quiet on that front. so that's that.

i do love being at home. i do. but lately i've noticed i need to keep track of the things keeping me sane so i don't end up hating being a homebody.

taking a mental break and watching what some refer to as mindless entertainment aka shows like the oc, satc, and gossip girl. (when i was younger and watched shows like that, my dad used to grudgingly refer to them in that way)
household maintenance
little walks (especially when the sun is out)
getting dressed at the beginning of the day like a regular adult
blogs and social crap like the facebook, twitter and pinterest
lunch dates with friends /// evening dates with friends
phone calls. especially from ben, my sugar daddy.
video chats.
running errands
little bike rides on the capital bikeshare bikes (i usually just call it my bike)
projects like something on the sewing machine or developing film
listening to really good music. --- lately i've been listening to anything from katie perry (glee style) to muse to rihanna to nick drake. it's all good.
and most importantly... making dinner with ben and having cuddle dates every evening. perfect.

also. i put together this video of spain. music is "holiday in spain" by counting crows. have a look-see.

photo taken in the canary islands in feb 2011


Anna said...

right with ya. except my "job" is a TA that forces me to come to campus at random hours for class and lab sections. i need to allow myself to take more mental breaks but i am just pushing to get my thesis draft done this week ahhhgh. sometimes i love having a flexible schedule, and sometimes i struggle with it and end up being less productive i think.

robin said...

mindless entertainment is the best kind. i partake often.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I am SOOOOOOO addicted to Pinterest

did I know you had twitter? do we follow each other?

good luck finishing up all your real work. you'll be glad when it's all beautifully done.

Courtney said...

I too have found (on my stay-at-home-mom days) that although I would love to wear my PJ's all day....I end up feeling like a giant sloth at the end of the day.

shayna said...

And I love hey telling my sister Shayna. Goodness, that keeps me sane.