29 hours with friends.

me, bybes (emily), sienna and little bo
friends bybes and sienna were in ny for work and family visits so i decided to spend 29 hours in nyc to be with them ... among other things
---like finding fabric for a wedding veil for the upcoming wedding of my bro-in-law and soon to be sis-in-law. ever fabric shopped in the fashion district of nyc? a whole experience in itself!---

what i did:
browsed the upperwestside
sat in central park on a more-than-beautiful spring day
met lovely friend mala in the west village for delicious westville food and great conversation.
met with bybes for banana pudding from the original magnolia (skip the cupcakes, get the pudding) and sat and talked at the bleecker playground until midnight
sleepover in brooklyn (thanks bybes)
fabric shopping in fashion district
a walk to chelsea then to flat iron
eataly with bybes, si and bo. take out pizza. mmm. we got to eat it in madison sq park park just before the sudden downpour of rain
union square: shoemania, strand books, brooklyn industries. all great places.
famous person sighting*
soho shopping. canal street.
bybes had to leave to catch her plane. so sad.
more soho.
a trek to the upperwestside for levain bakery. si, bo and i shared a cookie and then had to say goodbye. so sad.

thanks so much all you ladies. it was just the perfect 29 hour daydream with you.

*famous person sighting:
the funny story---
bybes said she really wanted to see a famous person before she left nyc.
so si and i said that would happen in soho. and as soon as we were one half block south of houston street (soho) i spotted her: and said, FAMOUS PERSON, FAMOUS PERSON, FAMOUS PERSON and couldn't remember her name. i said, FELICITY, IT'S FELICITY! Keri Russel.
si and bybes only saw her from the back... so bybes literally booked it so she could catch a glimpse of keri from the front.
hilarious. beyond hilarious.

and yes keri was gorgeous in person and had just done a ton of shopping.


do you brunch?

ben and i decided after the celebratory brunch on saturday, we should brunch every week.
last thursday was my last class (ever?)... so we decided to check off a "to do" on our dc list and do the brunch thing. all official like too
---we made a reservation.

and the best part was, we just did the "roll 'n' go" meaning we totally wore the shirts to brunch that we wore to bed the previous night.

nah. i think the roll 'n' go is totally necessary in brunch outing extravaganzas.

here's to brunch every week. even if most of the weeks, it will be at home.

do you brunch?

brunch was at founding farmers. see our other founding farmers experiences here and here.


easter and what it meant to me this year.

all last week i was thinking about what easter really means to me because i was asked to speak at church yesterday. ben too. we both spoke and sang in a group musical number (with the kids at church)
so it was like the ben and emily show at the capitol hill lds church building yesterday.
ta dah!

i blogged last week about new life because we got a new nephew. and he is a little miracle. his big brother too. and that made me emotional.

and then i remembered growing up, my mom would get my family up at sunrise on easter morning and commemorate easter that way.

and it wasn't until now that i realized the symbolism of getting up with the sunrise on easter. because the Son rose on easter sunday.
i feel so grateful and blessed for this. for easter and the belief that i will be able to live forever with the people i love. no matter how many times i mess up or they mess up--- we can be together.

in food news, we spent the better half of the day cooking a fancy meal because such a day deserves good food and good attention. we also made these little nests for a treat.
i love me some marshmallowy goodness (not peeps).

my easter was just what i needed.
i hope however you spent your sunday yesterday was just as lovely.

*photo of a dc winter sunrise


peeps / easter / new life

1. peeps. around this time every year, the washington post hosts a peeps diorama contest. i love it every year--- but the above diorama was by far my favorite.
it's set at the foggy bottom metro station (where my school, gw is) and it's so very representative of all things metro, foggy bottom and gw. love.

2. easter is coming soon. and it's fun because it brings peeps (which i DO NOT eat but i think they are funny) and is a good excuse for ben and i to cook a fancy meal.
also spring is here to stay and that reminds me of new life

3. which reminds me that last night ben and i became aunts/uncles again for the 9th time. mr colin michael was born to the loving joe and christina (joe is ben's brother). so excited for them.
and just so excited for new life, babies and happiness all around.


just me and my lover friend.

i don't have much commentary for these photos except...

sometimes it just seems so right to just take a leisurely walk around downtown dc--- make funny comments about tourists, visit our favorite spots and just talk about whatever we feel like.

sometimes it's incredible to think about the fact that i live with my best friend, i'm in love with my best friend and i'm married to him too.

and you know how there are just moments when everything just seems like it's aligning and it will all work out? sounds so cliché... but it happens to you too right?

everything just seems to work out once
you know the diagonal and one way streets in dc,
you know all the metro lines and directions,
you know all the hot spots (and know when to go and when not to),
you know that lucky strike bowling alley is always busy on the weekends and you actually have to make a reservation,
you know that on pretty much any given weekend there will be road closures

you know you're glad you took that plunge in june of 2008 to move to a place you were unsure of and didn't have any real connection to.

and it's just going to be ok.



this was me all friday, saturday and sunday.


comprehensive essays are over! i think the essays all turned out comprehensible *wink*
there were tears. laughs. cuddle and food breaks (not necessarily in that order).

we're on the home stretch yo. so exciting. so bittersweet. so surreal.
26 days 'til i'm a master.

and then you won't have to hear about it anymore. yes, you.


you're like a sunset*

today i am feeling very happy to be in dc. i usually feel this way, anyway... but the sun is shining and i think i am in better mood than i have been the last little while (surprised ben?).

which is all very funny because i am just about to finish a draft of my thesis... big deal and then i am taking comprehensive exams all weekend (writing essays, really)...
so i hope my positive mood lingers.

i literally cannot wait to start my comps --- so then it can be over!

and the photos? well these are all taken in dc and i wanted to post them because i am feeling particularly proud of dc today. it's such a great city and i just needed you to know.
and truth be told... i really look forward to shooting more film and developing more film after may 15th has come and gone [graduation]... !!!

*been listening to phoenix on repeat lately.
photos taken for photoswap hosted by rhianne.


the hunt for late night snack

certified fair trade ingredients yo
saturday, mr ben and i decided we should do at least one thing that is kind of exciting and fun.

...because... i've been especially boring lately, what with my schoolwork and all.

so we went on a hunt for the new ben&jerry's flavor, late night snack, inspired by jimmy fallon's late night talk show. because we knew it had just come out and we had seen a few days previous that it was sold out at the store.
luckily we only had to go to two different stores. but it was a fun little treasure hunt.
and treasure it was. i was super nervous about the fudge covered potato chip clusters, but they kind of rock.

i feel validated writing a silly blog review of ben&jerry's because of my long time love affair with those pint sized ice creams... since it was eleventeen.
and then ben and i used to get a pint on date night when we were in college (for a long time we would only get the crème brûlée kind).

sometimes we would even buy the pint before we went to dinner and i would ask our server if they would put the ice cream in the restaurant freezer for us. no foolin'.
now that's commitment.

what's your favorite flavor?

p.s. it's free cone day at ben&jerry's scoop shops today!

also see that time we went to a ben&jerry's factory in vermont.
and also see jimmy fallon and stephen colbert face off in a ben&jerry's ice cream contest.


sunny bike-ride on what appears to be a summer day

i went for a little bike-ride because i read somewhere it was going to be summery-like today. and it was. what was going to be a leisurely bike ride down by the anacostia river turned into sweating and panting.

so worth it.


how do you keep all that in your brain?

a while back, ben got a card from our brother-in-law, eric, that said, "ben, how do you keep all that in your brain?"

whenever i ask ben about something, 99.9% of the time he knows all about the topic and can explain things in depth to me. even things that i wouldn't think ben would have interest in, he still knows or he'll say, i'm not sure but i would like to know more about it.

sometimes i even ask ben to give me the 30 second explanation of something (because deep down i know it will take at least 5 minutes)--- and so it takes ben a minute or two to compressed the explanation before he gives it to me.
i can almost see the wheels turning that point.

my family has often commented on how smart they think ben is (because he is).

so really i just wanted to tell you, ben that i think you are really super smart. i think you have great analytical skills and you are clever and witty.
i am really proud of you...
and well, i just needed you to know that.



my forgotten birthday polaroid

this year on my birthday, i was filled with too much excitement, i forgot to ask ben to take my birthday polaroid (like last year).

so. here it is. i suppose the film is getting old... and that's why it's got some funny things going on. still... that's why i love film. you just never know what you're going to get.


the annual beautiful blossoms of the district

cherry blossoms

my favorite.
ben is just so cute smelling the blossoms

i really look forward to the dc blossoms each spring. and so do a billion tourists.

i wasn't really about to brave the tidal basin crowds this year so ben and i visited the national arboretum...
one of my favorite -in dc- getaways. so gorgeous and so under appreciated because so many people don't go out of their way to see it.

and i really prefer the magnolias. i think they might be my favorite tree flower ever.

i felt a lot of happiness walking around the trees with ben... knowing that maybe spring is finally here.

see our other blossom adventures: 2009 and 2010.