29 hours with friends.

me, bybes (emily), sienna and little bo
friends bybes and sienna were in ny for work and family visits so i decided to spend 29 hours in nyc to be with them ... among other things
---like finding fabric for a wedding veil for the upcoming wedding of my bro-in-law and soon to be sis-in-law. ever fabric shopped in the fashion district of nyc? a whole experience in itself!---

what i did:
browsed the upperwestside
sat in central park on a more-than-beautiful spring day
met lovely friend mala in the west village for delicious westville food and great conversation.
met with bybes for banana pudding from the original magnolia (skip the cupcakes, get the pudding) and sat and talked at the bleecker playground until midnight
sleepover in brooklyn (thanks bybes)
fabric shopping in fashion district
a walk to chelsea then to flat iron
eataly with bybes, si and bo. take out pizza. mmm. we got to eat it in madison sq park park just before the sudden downpour of rain
union square: shoemania, strand books, brooklyn industries. all great places.
famous person sighting*
soho shopping. canal street.
bybes had to leave to catch her plane. so sad.
more soho.
a trek to the upperwestside for levain bakery. si, bo and i shared a cookie and then had to say goodbye. so sad.

thanks so much all you ladies. it was just the perfect 29 hour daydream with you.

*famous person sighting:
the funny story---
bybes said she really wanted to see a famous person before she left nyc.
so si and i said that would happen in soho. and as soon as we were one half block south of houston street (soho) i spotted her: and said, FAMOUS PERSON, FAMOUS PERSON, FAMOUS PERSON and couldn't remember her name. i said, FELICITY, IT'S FELICITY! Keri Russel.
si and bybes only saw her from the back... so bybes literally booked it so she could catch a glimpse of keri from the front.
hilarious. beyond hilarious.

and yes keri was gorgeous in person and had just done a ton of shopping.


shayna said...

I always knew that famous people flocked to you.

ahlin said...

i love keri russel! jealous.

that's sounds like such a fun trip!

Em & Gar said...

oh my. it just went so insanely fast. way too fast. SO much FUN. Am I really already sitting back in my living room when just a few hours ago I was star stalking with you? boo.

I had to see her, you know, really see her from the front and up close. Otherwise it kind of didn't count. I could have touched her I was so close. :) CHECK. :) Thanks for helping make my dreams come true.

kELLO! said...

aw what a fun little get away! i hope i can stay close with old friends by rendezvousing in fabulous cities :)

Miss Bear said...

When I am back east I will definitely have to fabric shop in the fashion district! That sounds fabulous!! :)

Adele said...

sigh i hope to one day visit new york! my parents are going to be there for a couple of months this november and i'm trying to hop on a plane to join them! xo

Linds said...

that's exactly how i like my foxes. all pretty in a row. sounds like you guys lived it up.

and i would run anywhere to see keri-i have a girl crush on her. especially after watching waitress.

Bridget said...

that is so funny about keri russell. im the same way- i dont feel like its a true nyc trip unless a celeb has been spotted. one year i saw carrie & mr. big seperately one day after each other. weirdest.

Rhianne said...

I always hoped to see celebs in London but I didn't really, boo.

Love that last photo!