do you brunch?

ben and i decided after the celebratory brunch on saturday, we should brunch every week.
last thursday was my last class (ever?)... so we decided to check off a "to do" on our dc list and do the brunch thing. all official like too
---we made a reservation.

and the best part was, we just did the "roll 'n' go" meaning we totally wore the shirts to brunch that we wore to bed the previous night.

nah. i think the roll 'n' go is totally necessary in brunch outing extravaganzas.

here's to brunch every week. even if most of the weeks, it will be at home.

do you brunch?

brunch was at founding farmers. see our other founding farmers experiences here and here.


Maggy said...

love this! the roll n' go is KEY to brunch, I used to have a roommate who always made sure she was all dressed up before we left, we were never able to break her and show her how good the roll n' go truly is...I think it sounds like a great weekly tradition!

Cassie said...

uh, I'd have to say that you look pretty awesome for a roll&goer. I'd have baby slobber all over me.

Love that bathroom sign. It totally made me giggle :)

kirby said...

i love founding farmers! but seriously, how great is that bathroom??

kELLO! said...

we linner.

laden backpack said...

I wanna come an live with u guys. What a life

Peggy said...

Hurray for the last class ever. Classrooms without walls is much more fun. They are made for roll&go. Are those three maple bars stacked up, Ben? Could we have strawberries with that, please.

Peggy said...

P.S. those earrings look hard to sleep in.

Courtney said...

heck yeah we brunch!

the food seems to taste better when eaten between the breakfast in the lunch times...maybe because we got more sleep?

Linds said...

we don't brunch. but we should.

we do roll&go all the time. positive we don't look as lovely as you guys.

Rhianne said...

just had to say, your tshirt is amazing!