easter and what it meant to me this year.

all last week i was thinking about what easter really means to me because i was asked to speak at church yesterday. ben too. we both spoke and sang in a group musical number (with the kids at church)
so it was like the ben and emily show at the capitol hill lds church building yesterday.
ta dah!

i blogged last week about new life because we got a new nephew. and he is a little miracle. his big brother too. and that made me emotional.

and then i remembered growing up, my mom would get my family up at sunrise on easter morning and commemorate easter that way.

and it wasn't until now that i realized the symbolism of getting up with the sunrise on easter. because the Son rose on easter sunday.
i feel so grateful and blessed for this. for easter and the belief that i will be able to live forever with the people i love. no matter how many times i mess up or they mess up--- we can be together.

in food news, we spent the better half of the day cooking a fancy meal because such a day deserves good food and good attention. we also made these little nests for a treat.
i love me some marshmallowy goodness (not peeps).

my easter was just what i needed.
i hope however you spent your sunday yesterday was just as lovely.

*photo of a dc winter sunrise


kELLO! said...

we used to get up super early for a sunrise dinner at our church when we lived in NY! i loved it. we played games and had a big breakfast together with our church family:)

that is one reason i could never be mormon- i would NEVER be able to speak in front of people. we go to our friends when it's their turn and i can't even imagine myself doing that. are you allowed to say no? and on EASTER! no pressure, huh? haha :)

glad you had a good holiday!

Peggy said...

What a beautiful sunrise [or set]. I want to see a picture of the nests, but then, they are probably all gone.
Can we skype next time you give a talk and sing and teach. Giving a talk is a great way to get the full impact of the true meaning of Easter, since the one who gives the talk always gets the most out of it. But for kELLO, you can say no. We are raised giving talks at church, so it is no problem.

laden backpack said...

nice post, brings back memories and
makes new ones. Thanks,

Linds said...

Ben&Emily show, how wonderful! I think it would be super great like your Mom said to skype with us so we can hear you talk :)

Such an inspiring thought to rise with the sun. Peggy is amazing like that.

What was for yummy dinner? Those nests sound delicious!