how do you keep all that in your brain?

a while back, ben got a card from our brother-in-law, eric, that said, "ben, how do you keep all that in your brain?"

whenever i ask ben about something, 99.9% of the time he knows all about the topic and can explain things in depth to me. even things that i wouldn't think ben would have interest in, he still knows or he'll say, i'm not sure but i would like to know more about it.

sometimes i even ask ben to give me the 30 second explanation of something (because deep down i know it will take at least 5 minutes)--- and so it takes ben a minute or two to compressed the explanation before he gives it to me.
i can almost see the wheels turning that point.

my family has often commented on how smart they think ben is (because he is).

so really i just wanted to tell you, ben that i think you are really super smart. i think you have great analytical skills and you are clever and witty.
i am really proud of you...
and well, i just needed you to know that.



kELLO! said...

ugh i know what you mean! james does the same thing with the whole, "i'm not too sure, but let me just tell you everything about it.." ha.
we are proud wives :) (ofourhubands)

laden backpack said...

knowing the man, Ben, I can only
only say that your observations
are 99.9% correct. what a guy.

Em & Gar said...

don't hope for gov. shut down! it will screw my NYC trip! among other important things! xo

Brittany said...

I think Ben is the greatest. And probably not because he actually is, but because you love him so much and you tell us and you think the world of him.

That's what I want one day. And that's why I like you so much.

Elaine said...

this is pretty cute :)

EunnieProctor said...

Ben, I think you are really smart too. I wish I was as smart as you. I used to be kind of smart but after having kids my brain has turned to mush. I'm glad we have smart people in our family.

Peggy said...

Eunnie, you are even smarter than before, you've just expanded in new directions.
Ben, I love you, you are smart and good and kind and all that stuff. My hubby seems to know everything too. What is it with you guys?

shayna said...

Teach me to be smart. Is it something that can be taught, or are you born with smarts?

Linds said...

you are a wonderful example of highlighting your husbands talents. and you're pretty smart yourself master emily.