the hunt for late night snack

certified fair trade ingredients yo
saturday, mr ben and i decided we should do at least one thing that is kind of exciting and fun.

...because... i've been especially boring lately, what with my schoolwork and all.

so we went on a hunt for the new ben&jerry's flavor, late night snack, inspired by jimmy fallon's late night talk show. because we knew it had just come out and we had seen a few days previous that it was sold out at the store.
luckily we only had to go to two different stores. but it was a fun little treasure hunt.
and treasure it was. i was super nervous about the fudge covered potato chip clusters, but they kind of rock.

i feel validated writing a silly blog review of ben&jerry's because of my long time love affair with those pint sized ice creams... since it was eleventeen.
and then ben and i used to get a pint on date night when we were in college (for a long time we would only get the crème brûlée kind).

sometimes we would even buy the pint before we went to dinner and i would ask our server if they would put the ice cream in the restaurant freezer for us. no foolin'.
now that's commitment.

what's your favorite flavor?

p.s. it's free cone day at ben&jerry's scoop shops today!

also see that time we went to a ben&jerry's factory in vermont.
and also see jimmy fallon and stephen colbert face off in a ben&jerry's ice cream contest.


shayna said...

I love treasure hunts that end in high fat and sugar content. I like all the flavors. I like the cinnamon bun one a lot. Maybe it's because I like buns.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Hello Dear! Eric and I would go get Phish Food on our dates in college. Then go sit out on the beach and eat the whole thing!

Must find this late night snack... sounds tasty (:

robin said...

phish food!

Peggy said...

Mmmm ice cream. They are all my favorites, except chocolate. Actually, I love the ones with extra fat.

laden backpack said...

must be a problem with genetics. Alan, Gary and I had a late night
snack last night, Gary and I had
the slow churned, mint chocolate chip, mmmmm fluffy smooth and laced with the perfect amount of chocolate.
Alan said it was not his night for
ice cream so he had an apple...I would
have changed nights. Oh for the big
city with the Ben and Jerry's.

kELLO! said...

eleventeen. ha!
my fave is the cake batter because it's YELLLOWW cake! love it. and i love yellow cake.

Maggy said...

I definitley did a double take on the potato chips...only B&J. As for a favorite...I would bring Chubby Hubby to the table...OR their heath bar flavors. YUM.

Bridget said...

fudge covered potato chip clusters? holy crap give me some.

Brooke Shoko said...

new york super fudge chunk for life!

Linds said...

yummy pints.

i was really tempted to drive to slc for some freeee ice cream.

i watched a local news show where they called up jerry and were going to tell him thank you for freeee ice cream day. they had to leave a note with the secretary. super funny to watch.

Jennifer M. said...

Ha! You guys rock. I would've never thought to ask the restaurant to keep my ice cream frozen for me. Lol. That's totally awesome. ;)