this was me all friday, saturday and sunday.


comprehensive essays are over! i think the essays all turned out comprehensible *wink*
there were tears. laughs. cuddle and food breaks (not necessarily in that order).

we're on the home stretch yo. so exciting. so bittersweet. so surreal.
26 days 'til i'm a master.

and then you won't have to hear about it anymore. yes, you.


laden backpack said...

Great time of life with the anticipation of a handful of days to go to a new bench mark. Savor the moments, they are all too fast gone and become the pleasant memories of the good old days.

Cassandra said...


communikate. said...

so, i'm only FOUR weeks into school, and i'm sick of it. how did you handle all of that school?! please tell me it gets better and not worse ( or just lie.)

shayna said...

Do I have to address you as 'Master Emily' in May?

Peggy said...

Yes you do, Shayna. and why haven't you been calling me master. JK You only have one master. But Em, you will be quite the authority on the subject. Blessings on you.

Miss Bear said...

SO glad I don't have to hear about it anymore! Hahaha...jk! So proud of you Miss Emily! What a fabulous achievement!

Linds said...

Wahoo! You're getting so close. I love the month of May!