peeps / easter / new life

1. peeps. around this time every year, the washington post hosts a peeps diorama contest. i love it every year--- but the above diorama was by far my favorite.
it's set at the foggy bottom metro station (where my school, gw is) and it's so very representative of all things metro, foggy bottom and gw. love.

2. easter is coming soon. and it's fun because it brings peeps (which i DO NOT eat but i think they are funny) and is a good excuse for ben and i to cook a fancy meal.
also spring is here to stay and that reminds me of new life

3. which reminds me that last night ben and i became aunts/uncles again for the 9th time. mr colin michael was born to the loving joe and christina (joe is ben's brother). so excited for them.
and just so excited for new life, babies and happiness all around.


kELLO! said...

shut up! that's crazy you're an aunt 9 times. i'm only one time and i love it! you must be one super aunt.
how many siblings do you have? are you the youngest?
i am. and that's why i'm a brat :)

washington is so cool with fun stuff like that. everyone around lafayette gets stoked for the tractor pull. yikes.

Cassie said...

peeps dioramas??!! seriously awesome!

Miss Bear said...

Hilarious. Love it!! :)

Peggy said...

Hurray for the little peeps! Congratulations to Joe and Christina [and to you and Ben]. Cousin Gavin and Colie have gone to the hospital! I'm waiting to hear when the little peep arrives. and it could be a boy or girl! They didn't want to know ahead. What a retro idea.

EunnieProctor said...

Love the peeps. So cute! Congrats to you guys for a new nephew! I didn't even know they were having another.

Brittany said...

Okay, seriously, the worst thing about being the oldest child is no babies.

And this Peeps thing is killing me. I think it's hilarious--must see it one day.

Linds said...

peeps are weird and silly to me. which is why this diorama is the best. i remember foggy bottom metro-randy and i made jokes about it all day :)

i love new babies. congrats to the entire magleby family!