you're like a sunset*

today i am feeling very happy to be in dc. i usually feel this way, anyway... but the sun is shining and i think i am in better mood than i have been the last little while (surprised ben?).

which is all very funny because i am just about to finish a draft of my thesis... big deal and then i am taking comprehensive exams all weekend (writing essays, really)...
so i hope my positive mood lingers.

i literally cannot wait to start my comps --- so then it can be over!

and the photos? well these are all taken in dc and i wanted to post them because i am feeling particularly proud of dc today. it's such a great city and i just needed you to know.
and truth be told... i really look forward to shooting more film and developing more film after may 15th has come and gone [graduation]... !!!

*been listening to phoenix on repeat lately.
photos taken for photoswap hosted by rhianne.


Cassandra said...

lovely photos!

Emily Anne said...

oh my GOODNESS. that first picture! it's amazing! absolutely love.

when i went to dc i definitely fell in love with it.


p.s. i am wishing you so many good thesis-triumphing thoughts! you can do it!!

communikate. said...

sweet photos.
great musical title along with a great band.
hooray for near graduation. that seems SO far away to me right now.

any word on what's next for you two? just call me a nosey nelly.

Mandy said...

Good luck finishing your thesis! You amaze me.

kELLO! said...

eiik! a draft! good job!
and your exams! yikes! good luck.
glad i'm not in your shoes.
well, your shoes that walk around DC and develop your pictures but not the exam shoes.

Elaine said...

These are amazing!

angela hardison said...

i've never been to DC but i've always wanted to. these are cool photos... especially loving that last one!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oh wow, pretty photos! I wish I could go to DC and see all of that personally. The place looks amazing. Good luck with your thesis and exams!

shayna said...

No, you're like a sunset.

Megan Marie said...