anniversary #3 (we're in the big leagues now)

well happy anniversary to ms emily and mr ben.

we were talking the other night about how three years is totally like the big leagues. because first and second years are still so new. and i do admit things just get better and easier and more natural as each day goes by.

but. i insist that ben and i will be newlyweds or honeymooners forever and always.
i remember about a year ago a former coworker asked, how long have you been married? i said about two years, so still honeymooning. he said i am still honeymooning and i've been married for 17 years.
and that brought a lot of joy to my heart.

i am reminded daily of the happiness i feel that i married ben. because he is supportive. an adventurer. a traveler. and loves food. all things that are really, really important to me.

i also feel happy knowing we will continue to grow and adventure together. even when we are old and decrepit.

i love you ben. thanks for saying yes *wink*

p.s. i look forward to our anniversary simply because i have an excuse to post wedding photos. i looked hot right? ha.
p.p.s. i especially love that first photo in sepia. totally was not staged. just natural us.


laden backpack said...

Handsome groom and beautiful bride.
That dress is strangely familiar to me, have I seen it somewhere before?
Nice pictures from a wonderful day not
so long ago. Happy Anniversary and may
it be just one of an infinite amount to come...oh the stretch of time and eternity, what a mind expanding thought.

Rhianne said...

you both looked amazing, I love your dress details :)

Happy anniversary to you both!

shayna said...

3 years? It's like you've been married just as long as I have. I thought your wedding was perfect, nice weather, good food, tons of candy, hot bride...couldn't be better.

Cassie said...

lovely photos. lovely you. and wishes for a lovely happy day today :)

Em & Gar said...

I'm getting better at saying something! :) Yay me! wink.

Happy day of Bemily! You do look hot. xo

kELLO! said...

butt grab!? ha!
congrats you crazy kids!
we have the same months to celebrate: march, may! sheesh :)
when is bens birthday? james' is in june.

Peggy said...

So fun to remember your special day. You are stunning in that beautiful hand made designer dress. I think we will come and celebrate your anniversary week.

communikate. said...

so hot!!

congrats! three years it totally in the big leagues!!

i hope you two have something fun planned up your sleeve!

Anna said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Gorgeous pics!

Courtney said...

oh so lovely! Happy (belated) anniversary!

ps: you totally look awesome!