cafe rio in rural maryland

remember last may when ben and i visited a cafe rio in southern california and found out cafe rio was coming to "dc"?

well cafe rio did come--- but to maryland. when brandon and celeste came over the weekend, we decided to drive the 45 minutes on the beltway and through some rural farm areas of maryland to get to cafe rio in olney.
totally worth it.

and for that hour we were there... it felt like we were in utah. back in the land of chain restaurants and in this case, rural-ish sprawl.


communikate. said...

i knew you guys would go! lucky ducks.

did you say hi to all the other mormon's that were no doubt there?! we always went to the one in gilbert,az to "spot the mormons." :)

kELLO! said...

is it owned by mormons? i must try this place one day! i've heard so much about it on all these blogs :)
and i totally agree that a good drive is worth a nostalgic meal :)

shayna said...

I vote that picture of you, the best yet...just blow that thing up and frame it.

laden backpack said...

actually I agree with Shayna. You ought to send it to cafe rio and you
could become their new ad couple. While the shot of you is great the shot of Ben is classic. way to go.

EunnieProctor said...

So jealous. Cafe Rio sounds so good right now!

Rhianne said...

um, wow! that food looks amazing! I'm coming over there just for the food one day :)

Peggy said...

Umm fresh Mex. There advantages to Utah. Love it. Love you.