celebration chesapeake crabs

yes i wore my medal.
still wearing my medal (with my sisters here).
i didn't have many events or food planned for graduation planned up until a day or two before


i knew i wanted to get maryland blue crabs on the chesapeake bay (they turn the orange-red color when they are steamed). because it's such a dc area thing that is original and special and delicious. who doesn't want to celebrate a master's degree with greasy food?

also it's fun because it's an interactive meal... like you feel like you are getting a lot for what you paid for. or something.

isn't my embarrassingly cheesy master's medal rockin'?


shayna said...

Ra ree roo roo. CRABS!! Does that joke ever get old?

laden backpack said...

This looks like quite the celebration. Congrats on a job well
done, you certainly deserve a medal for your efforts. Wowie!!!

mrs. autumn said...

When I finish my masters...I will probably wear it everywhere too.

my first giveaway :)

Caroline said...

WOW .. congrats!!! And that crab looks amazing. Again, way to go. XO!

Maggy said...

how FUN! congrats!

Erica said...

those crabs look delish! I'm a fellow DC blogger and stumbled across your cute blog and can't get enough!