dumbarton oaks gardens in georgetown

the enormous house at dumbarton oaks
one continuous fig tree since the 1860sone of my favorite scenes in life... ivy and old brick together (reminds me of where i lived in italy)posing next to the neato art installation at dumbarton

third time is the charm.
after two tries (over the last three years) to visit dumbarton oaks gardens with linda (ben's mother)... we finally made it there at a time they were open!
dumbarton is another washington dc gem that baffles me---

much like the arboretum and the aquatic gardens do because they are lovely HUGE sanctuaries in the borders of dc.

dumbarton is gorgeous, very large, with several garden "rooms"--- where each garden is different and unique. beatrix farrand designed all the gardens... and did a more than amazing job.

it also helped that our visit to the gardens was on a perfect spring day and so we didn't feel suffocated by the inevitable dc humidity.

thanks linda for insisting we visit the gardens- i'm so glad we finally did.


Ashley said...

How gorgeous!! I have never been or even heard of it, but I do try to make it out to the arboretum as much as possible. Will definitely be adding this to my list of things to visit this season. :)

Anna said...

Beautiful! Um, can I live there??? It looks like the set for a historical film.

Cassie said...

Seriously beautiful! It's how I imagine a "secret garden" to look...

laden backpack said...

Love the garden shots.anxious for a meting later today

shayna said...

Seriously? The same continuous fig tree since 1860? That just blows my mind. That is so many fig newtons.

Courtney said...

why is it that I always end up saying (in my head) "I want to go to there" after looking at the photos in your posts!


PS: thank you Liz for bringing that phrase into my life!