friends and baseball

over the weekend, our favorite nyc couple, brandon and celeste came to visit and celebrate brandon's birthday.
of course we ate like crazy (crazy good food) and went to a nationals v. giants baseball game.

i do admit, i love baseball games (in real life). i like that baseball is slightly slow-paced so you can be social, be outside and also be entertained all at once.
not to mention, tickets to see the nats play are pretty cheap!

my favorite thing about nationals baseball is the presidents' race that happens in the middle of the 4th inning.
the presidential mascots (dressed up like george washington, thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln and teddy roosevelt) have a race. it's hilarious mostly to see those giant heads running on the field--- but also because teddy never ever wins! i want teddy to win!
just another little quirky thing i love about dc

and also, i love our friends, brandon and celeste. i'm super glad they got married and that they don't live too far in the nyc.


kELLO! said...

awww so fun!
i LOVE baseball games and can't wait to go to one this season. can you believe that roed and i haven't gone to a game together yet? crazy!

Cassie said...

Would love to see the presidents race!

shayna said...

I think we should race with huge heads on at our next family party. And Teddy will win. So help me.

miss lex: said...

gosh i love baseball. cute cap :)

Linds said...

please include a president race in your next family reunion. please.

you guys look incredible with your short sleeves and everything. we had snow over the weekend. barf.

Caroline said...

Great photos!!! AND, I have been wanting to go to a baseball game for quite some time now. You just inspired me to buy some tickets. XO!!

Courtney said...

i always wonder if the people who dress up as mascots are in fact really shy in real life????

communikate. said...

Great weekend!!

Jennifer M. said...

I agree. Baseball games in person are great. On tv, they're kind of boring though. Lol.