i lovermont

after the festivities here in dc, my family and i made our way to vermont where sister shayna and bro-in-law eric live and hang out. and pot luck.
vermonters--- or more specifically brattleborians love to pot luck.
which is fine by me because it involves food.

but don't you love vermont? i mean, even if you haven't been there.
the scenes in the photos... are so vermont to me.

peaceful. beautiful. charming. quaint. quiet. lovely. foresty. unique. calming. pretty darn awesome.

i keep telling shayna and eric i'm so glad they have spent the last couple years in vermont so i too could visit and get to know vermont a little.

i mean a place that is famous for maple syrup, incredible fall leaves, ice cream and cheese?
a very fine place indeed.

speaking of which, we had some ice cream from a place in guilford called the blueberry haus. and i kind of feel like it was really amazing. and i would go back to vermont just for that. and cheese curds.

and maple syrup.

see past vermont visits here. here. here. here.


Cassie said...


and it looks relaxing!

shayna said...

Wow, Vermont is really beautiful. Don't the pictures make you want to come on back?

our little love nest said...

We always thought Vermont would be such a great place to live. Beautiful shots!! Sorry its been so long. Missed your pretty posts! xo

communikate. said...

sounds like a fine place to me!

i wondered where you'd disappeared to this last week, and now i know! :)

Jennifer M. said...

Oh wow - I absolutely love that pink tree photo! So beautiful!