the inn at little washington (otherwise known as the best food you've ever had)

i opened up the menu and it said: congratulations on your masters degree to emily (i got so excited)
plus: asparagus soup and a cheese puff from the chef
first course
emily: carpaccio of herb crusted baby lamb with caesar salad ice cream
ben: chilled maine lobster with braised celery hearts and citrus vinaigrette
second course
emily: macaroni and cheese with virginia country ham and shaved black truffle
ben: seared scallop with leek purée and caramelized endivemain course
emily: pan roasted maine lobster with baby bok choy, grapefruit and citrus butter sauce
ben: beef two ways: a pecan crusted barbecued short rib paired with a miniature filet mignon wrapped in swiss chard
dessert for ben: the seven deadly sins (a sampling of their most decadent desserts)
dessert for emily: a checkerboard terrine of pistachio and white chocolate ice cream with blackberry sauce
the inn's kitchen
when did we first hear of the inn at little washington?
i think it was just after we moved to the dc just about three years ago. and ben and i have been dreaming dreaming dreaming of going ever since.

so we thought since i got a master's degree we would go. and also we just had our third anniversary.
let's just say we like to celebrate with food.
food that is so amazing it changes your life and you still dream about it days and weeks later.

we want to go back. but it will probably be a few years. hehe.

let's say that the classic french decor, the new american food and the setting of the inn at little washington are all perfect.
not to mention the staff is so super, award-winning nice.

the inn is located about two hours from the heart of the washington, dc in a town called washington. it's called little washington (because dc is much bigger obviously) but also because it is the oldest town called washington.
it's super picturesque, quaint and lovely.

so. that's the inn. it was the most incredible food experience i've ever had.
and to me that is super important!


shayna said...

Damn girl, you and the food look so good. I always love food experiences where you think, "I should have thought of this combination." And your name on the menu pretty much seals the deal.

Brittany said...

Ok, amazing. The food looks incredible emily! I'm especially dying over your dessert.

Cassie said...

You look so very lovely, my dear!

(And the food looked awesome, too)

Receli said...

so gorgeously delicious!

sienna said...

whoa! looks super fancy and delicious. congrats! again. i am still so proud of you! smart, educated, and beautiful. ben's a lucky guy.

laden backpack said...

Amen, to all that has been said.

Rhianne said...

we love celebrating with food too and oh my, if this all tasted as good as it looks I can imagine it was unbelievably delicious!

I love the menu and the dessert message too :)

Shokoofeh said...

Such a nice way to celebrate! :) These look so very yum!

nomadic gnome said...

oh my gosh oh my GOSH you guys are so lucky. we've been saving that place up for a special occassion. sounds like a masters degree is just the ticket! the food all looks and sounds amazing.

EunnieProctor said...

The food looks amazing! Happy anniversary you two!