it is already summer here.

we ate a lot of watermelon over the weekend.
that means it's summer here in the dc--- already.

we also went swimming. more than once.

and played tennis.

and besides of small bout of heat exhaustion for me (too much sunshine?)... it was a great holiday weekend.
well besides that parking ticket too. darn you, georgetown.

did you know, since ben's birthday is in summer (july) he used to always have watermelon for his birthday, instead of birthday cake? pretty awesome right? i love that about him.

also a fun watermelon fact. in spanish, watermelon is "sandia" but ben likes to tell native spanish speakers that is it "melon de aqua" (melon of water) in english just to make them laugh.

it makes me laugh too. since ben is funny like that.


hanner said...

robbie and i put on our bathing suits this afternoon and drove over to the east potomac pool. AND IT WAS CLOSED. i don't know what to think!

Caroline said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! Glad you are ok with the whole heat exhaustion thing ... that is scary. XO!

Bon Bon said...

We've been chomping on watermelon daily for the past week. It's like candy:-) xoxo

shayna said...

I dare you to make a bikini out of watermelon rinds...I once packed a watermelon in on a backpacking trip...in my backpack.

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky! i have yet to find good watermelon in the store here in boise!

enjoy it for the west coast :)

Ashley said...

He'd choose watermelon over cake? I think I'd just choose to have them both! ha

Jennifer M. said...

Yum! I love watermelon!! I haven't had any yet this year, but that really looks yummy. :)