outdoor dc

sam, annie and jane enjoying the finest dc cuisine: a street hot dog (it's pretty fun to watch)
watching planes fly bybonsais and penjings
random rain storms
while my family visited for graduation, we were able to get out and explore some of my favorite outdoor spots. it worked out really well since with three little kids, you need a lot of space to run around and my small apartment just won't cut it.

i'm a little boring today, so i don't have much else to say but:
thanks so much, family, for coming to visit and play.

photos at gravelly point (right near national airport), national arboretum and kenilworth aquatic gardens.


shayna said...

Oh the places Jane's bib have visited.

Courtney said...

I always think hot dogs looks so good....and then I get a bite of one and am not so sure. haha!

ps: love the kids' raincoats!

Caroline said...

Cute photos!!!!!

Jennifer M. said...

Oooh! Those three little darlings in their raincoats are so adorable. :)