the search for brigham young

brigham young memorial in whitingham, vermont
BYU (with sister shayna, sister kristen and mamma peggy)
shayna said she'd give me a dollar to try to get into this swing. once i did it, shayna knew she had to try it too. diaper swing!
yellow shoes from kicking dandelions
birthplace of brigham young.
the stone says: brigham young. born on this spot 1801. a man of much courage and superb equipment.
that makes me laugh every time. superb equipment.

so brigham young was one of the early leaders of the mormon church. that's the church that ben and i go to :)
brigham young led the early mormon pioneers from the east to the west where they finally settled in utah. also, brigham young university is where ben and i went to school. and met.
so that's fun.

anyway, we knew about the memorial but we weren't sure where to find the stone of his birthplace. we asked around the tiny vermont town and a lady told us the area in which it was.
we couldn't find it.
as we were driving away, ben spotted it (good eye, ben)--- the stone is in someone's front yard. kind of funny.

i like to see historic spots like this. it's a silly thing maybe--- but it's nice to somehow feel connected to people of the past who have an influence on our lives even today.

and it's also fun to explore with family.
especially the part where we kicked dandelion heads off, swung on swings and played on all the other vintage playground equipment in whitingham.
rock it.


shayna said...

Ah goodness, I totally owe you a dollar. That's why I woke up in a panic last night.

communikate. said...


so many fun adventures in the ben and emily family.

Patchie said...

I love landmarks like this too!

laden backpack said...

If shayna owes you a dollar I am forever in your debt for such a great trip and such funny places to see. Love the BYU pose in front of the monument, that looks great. keep on posting.

Miss Bear said...

You guys are nerds...and I LOVE it! :)
Thank you for the cute post card you sent. We are so proud of you!
We are headed back east this fall. We must get together!

hanner said...

oh geez, someone asked me the other day where brigham young was born, and i had no idea, haha. although in my heart of hearts i'm sure i knew it was vermont...

EunnieProctor said...

You guys are so cute. Wish I could have been there. Love the baby swings.

Lou Varricchio said...

Hi, I am writing a local (and brief!) newspaper article about the life of Brigham Young in Vermont--and beyond. May I have permission to use the photo of you and Ben standing by the Vermont BY memorial? Also, are you LDS members? I'd like your names to include in the caption, too. It's a nice friendly photo and would be a nice thing to include. Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Louis Varricchio, editor/The Vermont Eagle

emily said...

Hi Lou,

Unfortunately, I cannot allow you to use the photo.

Lou Varricchio said...

Thanks for getting back. I understand.