weekend bits and pieces

the epic drum circle at meridian hill park
a visit to my favoritist of favorite frozen yogurt places (mr yogato)
ben sporting his thor beard
and me sporting ben's shirt (don't these photos look so funny? i look so miniature)

the weekend was what good weekends are made of.

movie night. thor. it was exciting and fun and definitely the right amount of cheesy for a comic book movie. but it had natalie portman and that beautiful australian man... so it all evened out.
(but you don't need to see it in 3d. just my opinion.)

yogato... one for free! it is really my favorite frozen yogurt i've had. and we just sat in the park by an old old dc church near dupont circle. i tried my best to relish in the significance and beauty of the moment.

the famous drum circle at meridian hill park. every good weather sunday from 3-9, the drum circle gathers... as do picnickers, yogies (is that what yoga people are called?), photographers, park lovers.
i felt so excited and alive being there at the drum circle. and i felt cheated that i had missed out on this part of dc culture until now. it reminds me i need to discover more often.

and yes. i turn in my thesis today. i feel so many feelings. mostly just emotional.
more on that later.


laden backpack said...

can't complain about a weekend
like this. Love Ben with the headband.
Nothing like a good headband to
keep your eyes dry when the perspiration is running down your
forehead. Yogalato (?) sounds
like real fun, save some for us.
Great post

Anna said...

YAY THESIS SUBMISSION!!! congrats congrats :) Also, you look really cute in Ben's shirt. Shirt-dresses are in style! (I think?) The drum circle looks fun, my future sis-in-law is in an all women's Brazilian drum group in DC called Batala. Drums are fun.

shayna said...


Rhianne said...

I wonder if thats how Thomas sees me when he looks down? I might have to get him to take a photo of me now just to see lol.

Still haven't seen thor but I have heard good things about it.

well done for turning in your thesis!

Peggy said...

You'll always be Ben's little girl. So cute.
I love how you combined the top two photos.

Jennifer M. said...

Oh yeah - I was wondering about Thor. Glad to hear it was worth it. The trailers didn't really intrigue me but when I heard Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings were in it, I thought it might be worth checking out.

How's the storyline? Guy movies aren't usually my thing unless there's an actual storyline that's intriguing and it isn't just all action and violence.